Monday, 22 September 2014

My Little Pariseene Box

The idea that a monthly box doesn't have to just be about products, it something that a lot of the boxes are now adopting. My Little Box orginally from france is a great idea, with each monthly box having a different theme. This month is all about Paris with the "Parisienne" box. 

All carefully tied together with gorgeous little bow this box holds more wonders than just another mascara. With a little statement about Paris "Paris needs no reason, Paris is its own reason" a nice little motivational motto.  Featuring a cute foam laptop or tablet case - you can never own too many of those in my option! a chic little notebook, with stickers and 3 Products to help you be more "Paris" 


The three products included in this months box are Nuxe Multipurpose Dry Oil - With winter approaching, at an oddly slow pace - anyone else confused by sun in September? This is the perfect little addition to the winter skincare regime. Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer, needs no introduction, no clever descriptive words, it just is and it is just amazing. Finishing with My Little Beauty's highlighter and who doesn't love a highlighter?! Team the primer and highlighter for the ultimate barely there AW14 look. 

My Little Box, is like a thoughful present from a friend. A Suscription, I will definitely be keeping. 


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