Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Inhibitif - Hair reduction

Hair is always a tricky subject. We have it, but we removed it by waxing, shaving, using creams and never really talking about it. Whilst I'm not a hairy person, I am fond of anything that prolongs the smooth effect and the chore of hair removal.

So, trialling Inhibitif has been nothing but a pleasure. I am two weeks from shaving (I KNOW. EW) however, whilst I am waiting for my first summer time wax, hair is taking its sweet time in growing back, I would normally get a week - tops without taking a razor to my legs, hair is also growing back finer. Finer hair means no fuzz and no itch, which in my books, is always something to rave about. I have used this everywhere, from my legs to my underarms and can't fault it.

Hair Reduction – Check
No nasty smells (it smells minty but fades quickly) – Check
Quick drying time – Check
Quick results - Check

Whilst it does require some time investment (2 months), if you start something today, in the days to come it becomes routine and before you know if you’re got results! Applying every day for two months seems like a small price to pay for hair free legs. I can see this working an absolute dream with waxing, as waxing causes hair to be finer and grow back slower. Summer (I hope) is just round the corner and my winter investment will sure pay off! I have stocked up, because as you can see it’s running a little low. A little bottle also goes a very long way, I have been using this in conjunction with an ingrown hair fixer and my legs have never looked better! 


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