Monday, 15 April 2013

Bare Faced Essentials

This morning i made a decision, based on a revelations that every other woman raves about being more confident in her 20s (and at 23 I'm no where near there) i'd give it a shot, so i put down the foundation, the false eyelashes, and the pinky lipstick and spent the day, Neutral.

Garnier BB Cream - Excellent Coverage, Lightweight, Perfect for fresh spring days
MAC Select Concealer - NW15 (im not going totally bare faced...yet.)
Pixi - My Brow Perfector - (it's not called that, but it should be)
Smooch - Bronzer (just a teeny bit)
and Carmex, where would i be without his little gem?

It felt SO Liberating, and a little less strenuous on my shoulders, not having to carry around a make up bag fit for a TOWIE princess.

 Day 1 of being a little more neutral ad relaxed, done. How do i feel? - Clean Make up wipe at the end of the day was so clean in comparisson to the usual orangey monstrosity it ends up as.

Maintainence - Minimal, the odd top up. - Bonus on those mental days!

Confidence Levels : Medium. - Not overall convinced i don't look like some sort of hideous goblin without my usual layers, but i did appreciate the freedom of not having to worry about Lashes and if id just smudged my lipstick. 


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