Sunday 10 March 2013

Superfacialist - Una Brennan

I am a skin care junkie,

My skin can affected by weather, stress and occasionally a rather heavy social calendar.

So I feel it's important to trust in the brands I use, and also make sure they're right for my fussy skin! I recently bought some Superfacialist products by Una Brennan...

Firstly the Tea Flower deep clean pore purifying clay mask

Goes on smoothly, soft in your hands you can almost feel the goodness on your finger tips, I find that putting a mask on 'evenly' as suggested can be hard, but the consistency of this product helps it go on evenly ,most of all it takes only 5 minutes, making it easy to use for the recommended twice a week.

Skin feels fresher, cleaner and has reduced blemishes. Contains salicylic acid, which is a great blemish buster!

Secondly the Neroli Firming Intense Facial serum!

Smoothing, smells good, leaves skin looking radiant!

Overall both are a winning combination to use together, skins feeling good, and if your skin feels good, you feel good!


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