Monday 1 April 2013

Skin Pharmacy - Snake Serum

Snake Serum 

I am not one to usually believe in all this Hocus Pocus about snake serums and what not, but this one genuinely surprised me. A Fantastic serum, not greasy and doesn't leave my skin feeling like there is a layer of something smothering my face, very light in consistency and a little definitely goes a long way - An extra bonus, nothing like a product that does its job in reasonable amounts!

Whilst I'm a fair bit away from panicking about wrinkles, trying out these products as a preventative rather than a solution can't be bad? 

I do feel my skin is being pampered and cared for by this serum, as if its fighting away all those late nights and wrinkles in waiting. 

another bonus? my skin doesn't feel  clogged with product once I've put on my daily moisturiser. 

I've been using this product for 3 weeks and can say that, whilst I only had extremely fine lines to begin with, i have definitely noticed an overall improvement on how my skin looks.

Rated 8/10 

* two points deducted cos i feel it could be better packaged, and I've managed to crack open the top of the bottle, and i think serums should be in a air tight container. 


Disclaimer : Doesn't exactly mean it contains snakes, no snakes harmed during the making of this wonder product. 

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