Monday 26 May 2014

Alpha H - Liquid Gold


I've been using this for 2 weeks on alternate evenings and I have noticed such a difference in my skin. This product gently mimics that of a peel, reviving and renewing the skins surface to reveal brighter skin and more even complexion. 

after a long winter, my skins battled harsh winds, hot and cold temperatures and maybe the odd late night, it's nice to have this to renew my skin to its former glory. 

BEFORE: My skin felt dry, no amount of exfoliating and mud masks was shifting this feeling that something just wasn't right.

AFTER: Two weeks of trialling this product i can safely say that my skin will never reach that point again. My skin feels nourished, and I'm able to get the best out of my products.  

A uncomplicated, easy to use product that delivers. Suitable for all skin types. Just pour onto a cotton pad, gently wipe over your face, avoiding the eye area, and leave over night. 

Wake up brand new. 


Available HERE from Beauty Bay RRP £31.50

Monday 19 May 2014

Kiko Universal Fit Foundation

I have struggled with finding my go to foundation, I discovered KIKO a few years ago whilst away in Rome I can’t say how much of a go to place this is. I would advise a trip first thing, as the store on Regent Street can get a bit packed out as the day goes on and it’s never nice to feel rushed when browsing!

My favourite summer time foundation is the Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation. It’s somewhere between BB and a foundation in texture and has a medium coverage – perfect for sunny days when foundations can seem a little thick and clog pores. This foundation hasn't been around long, but it is a total must for this summer. 

There isn’t many colour ways available but I always find that you can always go a little darker with foundation in the summer when you’re rocking a summer glow. Long lasting and evens out colour, covering redness but not looking over done. Perfect for summer days in the park where going bare faced isn’t an option.

A steal at just £6.90, perfect for all skin types and the hydrating formula fights the drying elements of the heat and air conditioning.

A swatch of the Light Beige - I am generally the lightest shade in foundation, but I chose a slighter darker shade to help blend in with a natural tan as summer works it's magic. 


 RRP £6.90 Buy online HERE

Sunday 18 May 2014

South Seas - Shade SportSPF Lotion

With the sun out this weekend I chose to cover up with a broad spectrum SPF, containing UVA and UVB protection. I love laying out in the sun and gaining a summer glow after the long winter months, but I also want to stay protected.

Containing aloe to soothe the skin and packed with an army of vitamins, this is not only sun protection but also nourishes the skin. I find some sun screens to be quite greasy and can leave an oily sheen on the skin. SHADE by South Seas soak into the skin quickly, leaves skin soft and protects you for up to 8 hours.

A softly scented cream and blends in seconds and dries quickly so you're able to get dressed and it doesn't mark clothes. 

It seems a little thick at first, but goes on like dream by far my favourite, doesn't melt off if you're running about in the sun either. Remember to always re apply after being in water, even if the lotion is waterproof!

 Available online at or in Strip Wax Bar boutiques across London. RRP £20


Friday 16 May 2014

Hair On Trial

I have died, permed, straightened, curled and coloured my hair into an oblivion. So, operation i want long luscious locks is in full swing. 

So, I've invested in step one: grow baby grow. Lee Stafford "for hair that never grows past a certain length" treatment.  *Waves hand crazily in the air* it's like it was made for me. 

After 3 uses, I can already feel a difference, my hair feels thicker, and whilst I haven’t noticed any growth yet, I’m hoping for waste length hair in a few months! – This is in keeping with a regular trim and tidy up routine. Currently my hair is just at shoulder blade level and has stayed this length since January. I’m hoping with continued use this product, which has already improved the texture of my hair it’s thicker and I’ve noticed, when I brush my hair, it’s not all falling out as much as it used to (BONUS).

It smells amazing! I will be trialling it until it’s empty and I hope by then, rupunszle will be knocking down my door wanting her long haired crown back. Packed with vitamins and protein  it can only do hair good!


Thursday 15 May 2014

Caudalie - Instant Foaming Cleanser

I was recently forced out of usual cleansing routine. Much to my dismay, my face, as I only have the one has become quite accustomed to being well cared for. I thought that while I am able to try new products I was going to go all out and go for the Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser – Grapes & Sage.

First off, don’t let the scent put you off. I am not fond of perfumed facial products, when I smell perfume in a cream or lotion or potion, I automatically think, Breakouts, Clogged pores, Chemicals and ARRGGHH. The latter being the first thought. I've found that with time, you get used to the smell and this is the TOTAL opposite of my initial thoughts.

My skin is, Refreshed, Cleansed, Bright and HURRAH no breakouts. This is also the creamest, foamest cleanser I’ve ever used, it’s so gentle and soft that whilst cleansing, the smell has become a somewhat relaxing comfort. A great cleansing multitasker, being able to remove makeup in one swift wipe on most days and there is no fight for suds. Bubbles mean clean right??

Suitable for all skin types meaning my combination skin gets a treat and not one area of my face is left out. Miraculously it is also SOAP FREE meaning you’re faces natural PH is undisrupted, making it less likely have a breakout or reaction.

98% natural ingredients – something to boast about for sure! NO NASTIES, whilst I accept some preservatives are needed in our products or we would be buying them daily, it’s nice to know that a product goes that extra mile to eradicate the serious nasty’s like SLS from its ingredients. I don’t want SLS in my shampoo, I certainly don’t want it on my face. 

The perfect get up and go cleanser. Definitely a must try!

RRP £14.25 on feelunique Available HERE


Wednesday 14 May 2014

Inhibitif - Hair reduction

Hair is always a tricky subject. We have it, but we removed it by waxing, shaving, using creams and never really talking about it. Whilst I'm not a hairy person, I am fond of anything that prolongs the smooth effect and the chore of hair removal.

So, trialling Inhibitif has been nothing but a pleasure. I am two weeks from shaving (I KNOW. EW) however, whilst I am waiting for my first summer time wax, hair is taking its sweet time in growing back, I would normally get a week - tops without taking a razor to my legs, hair is also growing back finer. Finer hair means no fuzz and no itch, which in my books, is always something to rave about. I have used this everywhere, from my legs to my underarms and can't fault it.

Hair Reduction – Check
No nasty smells (it smells minty but fades quickly) – Check
Quick drying time – Check
Quick results - Check

Whilst it does require some time investment (2 months), if you start something today, in the days to come it becomes routine and before you know if you’re got results! Applying every day for two months seems like a small price to pay for hair free legs. I can see this working an absolute dream with waxing, as waxing causes hair to be finer and grow back slower. Summer (I hope) is just round the corner and my winter investment will sure pay off! I have stocked up, because as you can see it’s running a little low. A little bottle also goes a very long way, I have been using this in conjunction with an ingrown hair fixer and my legs have never looked better! 


Tuesday 13 May 2014

Carol Joy -Her Eyes Only

The under eye area is so delicate, so very delicate that we must take care of it. I may only be mid way through my 20s, but prevention is always better than a cure.

Carol Joy London is an eye cream I have been using for a little over a month and my under eye area is prone to dark circles after one to many late nights, a bit of dehydration lines after a long day and often a little puffiness. I was at one point using various lotions and potions depending on what my eyes required however with Carol Joy Her Eyes Only, I only need one.

A multitasking, hard working product that delivers. Packed full with vitamins to combat the signs of ageing, working to repair the skin and brighten the area. Fighting dark circles and puffiness.

This is definitely a product for life, a soft cream that easily absorbs into the skin meaning there is little to no time waiting around to apply primers and foundation. Coming in a handy controllable pump meaning you don’t have to waste any product using as little or as much as you require. I always feel that with eye creams or serums I waste a lot of product because too much comes out of the tube. Another thing this product is good at is being waste free.

RRP £89.00 from Urban Retreat at Harrods available here . Also available in His Eyes Only for him available here

Slightly higher than my usual price point, but I'm a believer in you only have one face, so take care of it! And this is worth every last penny. The sleek packaging is an added bonus. 


Monday 12 May 2014

Lycon - Ingrown X-it

Now ladies, we have all experienced the dreaded ingrown hair at some point, from waxing or shaving and we're always told to exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate! However contrary to popular belief, exfoliating can also have the opposite effect, causing hairs to fall deeper into the skin, or even causing infection if we scrub to hard - but there is not pressure gauge to monitor how hard we are to scrub. 

Lycon (if you don’t know the Lycon brand find out more here) has this product called Ingrown X-it designed to rid you of ingrown hairs, without damaging the skin. Containing Salicylic acid, Allantoin and Arnica, put these altogether and you get one product that sure packs a punch when it comes to saying goodbye to ingrown hairs for good! Safe to use all over the body from legs, to bikini line, even on the face. Did you know that if you cross your legs you’re more likely to get in grown hairs on the side your leg rests on because of the friction this causes?

This product comes in a spray making easy to apply and control the amount used, it soothes ingrowns, taking away that uncomfortable itch, decreases the redness and decongests the skin helping to relieve all symptoms and the appearance of even the angriest of ingrown hairs. 

I have been using this religiously for two months, and it’s safe to say my ingrown issue has gone. I would recommend this to every waxer or shaver to use daily. I saw significant improvement after two weeks and the improvements have continued. 

I use it every day after waxing for two weeks, then every other day after that, used with a regular gentle exfoliating routine this is definitely a must have product. An absolute essential before beach season, Ingrowns can ruin a bikini bod no matter how hard you crunch, plank or run!

I purchased mine at Strip wax bar in Soho, they have locations all over the place so you can pick one up from a store here or online at