Thursday 13 June 2013

WOW Shampoo & Conditioner

My hair is the top of my "worry" list. so i thought i'd try Colour Wow.

The shampoo and conditioner market is so saturated, that i could spend an hour staring at shampoo wondering which one will make me have the most amazing hair known to earth.

So, with the current "hair boredom" im going through, my colour could do with a a little jazz up, but nothing to dramatic, so with this shampoo claiming to do just that why not give it go, so I got my hands on these little samples...

I couldn't be happier with the current texture and swish my hair has, after spending around a month living with dull hair, after 3 washes my hair colour is slightly brighter, my hair feels better and is gaining back some of the strength that colouring my hair for years has taken away.

Colour WOW has a great texture, its light, foams up nicely and smells pleasant, I'm not fond of over powering fruity shampoos, I like my hair to smell clean, but not like a florists. so in terms of texture, its not goopy, runny or too thick, the conditioner doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy and leaves a nice shine for a few days.

I couldn't be more fussy when it comes to shampoos, I have a long checklist and my hair is fussy.

Here it is:

Soft texture.
Leaves my hair feeling soft, clean after one wash
No icky feeling
Not to over powering with smell
Foams well,
Has a matching conditioner
Gives my hair a good swish

There is a great buzz around this brand at the moment, and I can totally see why, whilst I wouldn't use it ALL the time, because my hair only needs rescuing when my colour hasn't been done in a while (im debating what to do next) I will be using this when my hair needs that extra boost or the kiss of life.

Here's to great hair!


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