Monday 22 September 2014

My Little Pariseene Box

The idea that a monthly box doesn't have to just be about products, it something that a lot of the boxes are now adopting. My Little Box orginally from france is a great idea, with each monthly box having a different theme. This month is all about Paris with the "Parisienne" box. 

All carefully tied together with gorgeous little bow this box holds more wonders than just another mascara. With a little statement about Paris "Paris needs no reason, Paris is its own reason" a nice little motivational motto.  Featuring a cute foam laptop or tablet case - you can never own too many of those in my option! a chic little notebook, with stickers and 3 Products to help you be more "Paris" 


The three products included in this months box are Nuxe Multipurpose Dry Oil - With winter approaching, at an oddly slow pace - anyone else confused by sun in September? This is the perfect little addition to the winter skincare regime. Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer, needs no introduction, no clever descriptive words, it just is and it is just amazing. Finishing with My Little Beauty's highlighter and who doesn't love a highlighter?! Team the primer and highlighter for the ultimate barely there AW14 look. 

My Little Box, is like a thoughful present from a friend. A Suscription, I will definitely be keeping. 


Sunday 21 September 2014

The Glamour Beauty Power List 2014

 I love the Glamour Beauty edits, with Latest In Beauty. They're a great way of exploring some of the industries most coveted products, and trying something a little different. This edit contains Glamour's a select few on their power beauty list 2014, Glamour also are offering one lucky person the chance to WIN the entire power list, check out Octobers edition for more info.

Including :

Philip Kingsley's Daily Defence Condition Spray
I adore PK's range of haircare, the Elasticizer is one of those that i won't share, and this is no different. We're all guilty of a big of over styling here and there, and then set ourselves on Mission:Save My Hair when we reach the point of almost no return, PK's Defence Spray helps Mission: Save My Hair, not so much of a mission. It detangles, deFrizzes, Protects against breakages all in one hero swoop.

Eyeko Mascara Off Wipes
hands up who's ever had to scrub their mascara off? *Hands in the air* Say goodbye to red puffy eyes after Mascara removal with these gentle wipes, protecting that delicate eye area from harsh scrubbing, Mascara glides off your lashes, perfect for also having in your bag, just incase you have to top up and make a tiny mistake.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
A good primer can mean you spend less time worrying if you look more drab than fab come lunch time. I swear by LM's make range, all of it, without fail and this primer is no different. Even after the most stressful of days, make up just Stays, meaning you can stay enviably fab 9-5 and even during after work drinks - Wine anyone?

James Read Sleep Mask Tan*.
Needs no introduction, we've all been there, that moment we stop tanning at the collar bone in fear of being "Tangoed" or having to deal with a post tan breakout. James Read Sleep Mask Tan, makes you wake up and feel like you've been on holiday in your sleep. The perfect way to make Monday, that little bit more bearable.. Why yes, I did visit St Barts over the weekend, the sun was glorious.

*Enviable stares a hazard with this product.

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser.
This is my weekend treat. We are all blessed with more time to get ready (to go out and to go to bed) so why not indulge your skin a little bit more. To say that I am over the moon this came in the box is a slight understatement, because 1) I'm going away in a few weeks 2) I'm only taking hand luggage. This little beauty adheres to the product restrictions at customs. HALLELUJAH.

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara.
I have been a slave to the falsies for a long time, and now, after having them removed and being left lashless, this little beauty makes me feel less like one of those weird bald dolls I had as a child and little more fluttering fabulous.

Maybelline Nude Sensational Lipstick
Everyone needs a nude, and with AW14's barely there make up trends, this is a happy little edition to anyones' lip stick collection.

This edit also gives you an Annual subscription to Glamours iPad / iPhone edition , which is worth £15.99 in itself! Glamour on the go, what could be better?

Why not treat yourself to a box of the power list? Available HERE at £15.99


Monday 8 September 2014

Vita Liberata

Being fairly pale, and not the English rose kind, the omg is she sick kind, I do spend a considerable amount of time and energy perfecting the sun kissed look, with the much appreciated help from Vita Liberata. Each of the preparation can be executed with military precision, however when there are products that can make this process a little easier its always a good choice to invest. 

The Vita Liberata Illuminating Skin Finish can be used on top of clean skin or act as a wash on wash off temporary tan. Perfect for last minuting tanning. Practically scentless this is perfect for the faux glow, the perfect thing about this is that it comes equipped with SPF25 which not a lot of fake tans do. Often we pass on the sun protection when we're tanned as we assume it has SPF already in it, however most do not, apply a waterbased SPF. 

When see the word "illuminating" my brain thinks "glitter" this is far from glittering and genuinely highlights and adds a little depth to key areas such as the collarbone, great to contours the legs or stomach area too. It blends into a smooth golden bronze.

 VL also offers a skin plumping mist which can be used under your existing product - layer while damp - or all alone over a VL induced glow. This is the perfect skincare add on, without being sticky, or feeling like it's clogging pores this little product is perfect if you're skin is a feeling and looking less that it's best, it's fast working and also works to enhance your tan and also encourages the ingredients of other products to work faster. 

The skin plumping mist is available HERE from +Space NK apothecary from £17.00 and the Capture the light illuminating skin finish is available HERE from the VL website. RRP £29.95


Friday 5 September 2014

Make Up Revolution.

Make Up Revoltuion is BIG news right now, an affordable, easily accessible make up brand that delivers excellent products. Perfect for every budget. I invested in the Cover & Conceal palette, now this is perfect for light contouring and concealing a multitude of sins we may have committed over the weekend. This little palette is my Monday morning go-to hiding my "I wish I was still in bed" look and those dark circles that have appeared since I gave up one nights sleep to dance into the wee hours. 

The Creamy consitancy of the palette screams expense and at only £6 is a steal. The variety of colours is perfect for me, usually the lightest in foundation shades, if I can find my shade at all. The palette makes it easy to mix colours to build the perfect coverage. The combination of shades in the bronzer which can be mixed for all over glow, or be used separately to build up the higtligher more if you need or want to. I also invested in a liquid blusher, another thing ive always wanted to try but not wanting to give up my perfect shade by Laura Mercier. I have it in Vivid, a little really does go along way, when applied with a stippling brush you can achieved a lightweight healthy glow. 

The whole world is BROW crazy right now, are they big enough? not big enough? Did someone say you can hide over plucking with careful colouring it? MUR's palette features a highligher, two shades of brown and a wax to keep the wild ones tamed. The cute angled brush is perfect for creating smooth lines and a nice arch, the tweezers are an added bonus, nothing worse than getting ready in a hurry to find out at lunch time one hair escaped your notice! A perfect on-the-go collection. 

I honestly couldn't recommend this brand enough. They offer an array of brightly coloured eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polishes. check out for the full range! These 4 products cover all my essentials without breaking the bank, leaving more budget for fun activities, rock climbing anyone? 


Products from £1. 

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Make-up Brushes, On a budget

I have always believed you get what you pay for when it comes to beauty tools - brushes that shed all over your face do not make for an easy application. In the past i have invested heavily in high end brands for their tools and technology, however these brushes are what budget beauty is all about, without skimping to much on quality. 

I came across these in Primark - an unlikely destination for beauty, but i would keep an eye out on their beauty department for easy access essentials. At only £1-£1.50 each these brushes are perfect to pop into your make-up bag on the go, if you're anything like me and are a tad over protective over the more expensive ones. The pink tips really do add a little bit character, you can see some thought has gone into what they should look like. They probably aren't built for longevity however i have been using their mini foundation brush for nearly a month and have noticed no shedding so far and with a regular clean i get the same even soft application. 

Above are images of the Concealer brush, foundation brush and stippling brush - The perfect contour and blend trio. Primark also stock a range of brushes perfect for any young teens just starting out on their make-up journey and for those of us with protective issues over our faves. 


Available now, in most Primark stores. 

Monday 1 September 2014

Maintaining a summer glow.

As we wave goodbye to August, and what appears to be our glorious Summer making the glow we have built up over the past few months becomes one of our main missions. It is always hard to let go of the healthy glow we enjoyed achieving through lazy weekend park trips and pub garden evenings. 

Here are some fake tanning tips to keep your Summer glow long into the Autumn months. 

Step One 
Hair removal & Exfoliation
They key steps for the perfect, flawless glow. Firstly, pick your hair removal method of choice at least 24 hours before applying fake tan. I always have a long soak and take time to exfoliate, using Soap & Glory's flake away.   If you're prone to ingrown hairs or bumps, I would recommend Lycon's Anti-bump foaming gel followed by In Grown X-it available online at .

Step Two
If you suffer from dry skin, lightly apply a body oil to key areas using a cotton pad - Elbows, Knees, and bottom of the feet, occasionally the ankles, if not just apply a nourishing moisturiser, allow to dry for 10-15 mins. I would recommend Palmers Cocoa butter or Caudalie Divine Oil. 

Step Three
The use of the tanning mitt makes for a smooth application and makes it easy to apply in upwards circular motions. The mitt also makes it easier to blend, making it harder for streaks to appear. 

Step Four
Moisturising Part 2
After showering 8-12 hours later, moisturise with an oil free moisturiser,  or an oil free sun tan lotion if you plan on sunbathing with false tan on. I would recommend South Seas paraben free, water based SPF 30. 

If the sun stops shining, at least we can keep our summer glow! 

Happy Tanning. 


All products mentioned are available at, and from Boots.