Friday, 16 August 2013

Kira PMS Relief

 I was recently given the opportunity to review and test Kira PMS Relief. Over the counter painkillers can loose their effectiveness, and the time taken for them to kick in just doesn't suit my hectic lifestyle. I naturally jumped at the chance to test anything that would alleviate the struggle of "that time" .

The plan is to take one a day for four months and see how it goes, so far im just starting Month two and i did start the last packet during "that time" and i can safely say that i was conviently less bloated this time around, less "fussy" - there was no drama over who ate the last of the jam, why cant i get the new jam jar open and who left the jam out the fridge and other food based drama's.

Needless to say, i quite pleased at the moment and considering its Herbal its a better alternative to popping more ibroprofen than i care to count, and i don't look like an idiot hugging a hot water bottle and being stopped half way out the door attempting to take said hot water to work.


There is no taste to them, they go down easy. I find some tablets have a funny coating or a powdery taste before you swallow them, these go down without you noticing. They're not coated so im not taking in any excess sugar without realising  So far, I only have good things to say about these little things, another post will come at the end of my trial. 


*These are a PR Sample. 

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