Tuesday 25 June 2013

Power Peptide Serum

I've never used a Sanctuary face product before, I've used the body scrubs and body butters but the face serum is a new one.

on the tin

"A targeted peptide serum with nourishing 7 oil helix to visibly lift skin & noticeable reduce fine lines & wrinkles"

What it does

Sooths skin, firms and leaves complexion significantly brighter.

Very attractive packaging, no sure how they got it to look like that, but it is amazing! Also helpful that you can see how much you're using and when your almost running out great for pre planning trips on stocking up on skincare!

The Basics

Texture: Soft, almost fluffy, light and soaks in like a dream...

Smell: A hint of orange, otherwise no other smell.

Taste: Don't eat it. 

I have noticed a small difference in the fine lines around my mouth, whilst they re significantly prominent yet, I am a firm believer in getting rid before the lines get comfortable! 

I have only been using this at night, as I felt it was a little to silky for day use. 

Priced at £18 in boots at the moment. Usually £25. In comparison to other serums claiming to do the same thing, this one is a bargain, and not only that, Sanctuary is a well loved brand. The body scrubs are my absolute favourite skin treat and this serum has earned it's place on my shelf. 


Monday 24 June 2013

So, I went and had a Chemical Peel.

As the title suggest, I did indeed go and have a peel on Friday June 21st.

The Treatment

I'm not one for pain, I'm not scared to admit that whilst "no pain no gain" may be true in some cases,I'm mire a fan of "i shouldnt have to be in pain to look beautamous"

So i was a tad nervous the word "chemical" instills fear in me, and I think treatments should be relaxing and not leave you feeling like you need an entire bottle of wine to calm down afterwards, so, i hear you say, did it hurt?


Simply, it didnt hurt, it stung but it didnt hurt, the slight stinging sensation was bareable and my face did feel a little hot at times but i wasnt crying for my mummy throughout the treatment. After a whilst i was asked to wash it off and i gladly washed my face with cold water to be greated with a face redder than rudolphs nose. Luckily the redness calmed down after about 30mins. My face did feel SO soft and i had to keep reminding myself to stop touching it.

Day 1

Barely any redness. Slight pink tint around my nose area but as i suffer with Roasea this didnt bother me in the slightest. I avoided using any harsh soaps and opted for a Hydrating cleanser in the morning followed by Simple's purifying creamy cleanser which is softer on my skin.

Day 2 sunday

And here comes the peeling. Light peeling around my nose area and chin area. Not bad, and I'm able to cover it up a bit, but im trying to avoid using make up - so using a light BB cream instead.

Day 3

MORE PEELING, starting to think my skin was in worse condition than i actually thought it was. Harder to hide today, but all in all no redness and no pain, just a little peeling, looks like I've been on holiday and not got a tan... 

Tried to show The peeling, but it doesn't show up to much in photos (blessing in desguise) 

So here's to good skin (hopefully) I will post an update once all the peeling has stopped

x BB X

Friday 21 June 2013

Paint that pout .. X

It has come to my attention, that for someone who doesn't wear a lot of lipstick, I seem to have gained quite a significant collection. Over the past week. I have challenged myself to wear it more often and, go a little crazy with neon. Well, if the sun won't shine, I have inject a little brightness into my day somehow! 

So, with this in mind, I thought I'd do a little lipstick post. 

First a quick peak at my (growing) collection

Whilst its not horrifically huge, it is for someone who wears Carmex on a daily basis. 

I did purchase a few Barry M neon shades, in my opinion Barry N do the best neon lip sticks, non drying, and on budget. I tend to not go to expensive when things like the neon lip phase in and out, also the likelihood of me actually wearing it, it quite slim. 

Shades pink: 62 and orange : 151

If I'm going to do a statement lip, I play down everything else. So I don't look like a toddler has done my make up while I wasn't looking.

My ultimate fave shade is Rimmel's electric plum. I'm quite fair, so pulling off dark colours can be tricky, but this shade is just right, vampy cool rather than washout. 
A go to for a girly lunch, a cheeky date or even on those days you don't feel like making an effort, this definitely perks up my mood. 

I received this next one in a glossy box box a few months ago, and thought I'd give it a try, I'd never heard of this brand before, but turns out, it's those unsuspecting ones that you fall in love with. Head. Over. Heels.

Creamy peachy? Perfect for summer days, not to bright, moisturising and more importantly, doesn't wear off to easy. I can also identify which coffee mug is mine. 

So, from now on, I vow to wear lipstick more often. 


Tuesday 18 June 2013

The Ultimate Fix

Quick Post! 

Isn't waiting for your nail polish to dry boring, tedious and annoying?

I think so. 

So here's my little trick, The Ultimate Fix

It mimics the dry spray used in nail salons, and aids the drying process. My biggest annoyance is having to put shoes on after painting my toes, they ALWAYS smudge, and you cant wear any form of toe showing footwear without a splash of colour on your tootsies! 

here's the process:


DONE (top coat optional)

The whole process can be done in a few minutes, and it does dry very quickly, its usually the second coat that i smudge - this has cured this little aliment. So if your looking for a quick fix to waiting for nail polish to dry, i would give this a go, takes the waiting out of painting your nails!

My Pedicure is currently 5 days strong, chip free and shiny!


Hand Creams


A Quick post, because im slowly becoming a tad obsessed with hand creams... 

It's clear which one if my favorite. but i really LOVE them all! I feel like my hands get abused a little by the constant tapping at the key board all day, and the weather, its unreasonable to wear gloves in the summer months, so while the weather is being temperamental, im sticking with the hand cream. Preferable with an SPF.

The Neal's Yard hand cream is my favorite smell, its almost lemon cheesecake smelling, its a happy smell for sad days. 

Dr Organic is one of my fave brands, from hair serums, body oils and hand creams I love it all!

Hand creams are definitely my new obsession, who doesn't want soft hands? These are my ultimate top 3, ones I cannot do without.

So if your after a nourishing, long lasting softness L'Occtane is your go to, Nice smelling, mood enhancing, creamy, Neals Yard and Finally, a kind, hand loving, thicker cream for those dry days, call on Dr Organic


Monday 17 June 2013

LDN Skin Gradual Tan

Everyone loves that sun-kissed look, and whilst we're still waiting for some solid summer sun, my fake tan collection is being used and abused. 

LDN Skins gradual tan is not something I would usually go for, I'm an instant results kinda gal.

However, always up for trying something new and when it comes to tanning, I'll give anything a go to achieve a nice little glow! (i am not advocating sunbeds, sunbeds are evil)

So LDN, The usual, Keep applying to build up a natural looking tan.. 

I was using Gradual Tan Tone 1 - Which is VERY Light, I applied mine twice a day for a few days and still didn't feel dark enough, so if you're after a light tan, this would be the one for you, I prefer to be a little darker than this could achieve. 

Each brands definition of "light" is different , so it is hard to judge without testing. 

It does come with a lovely soft applicator mitt - Id advise washing it BEFORE use, as i found some black fluff came off on my legs as I rubbed the tan in.

Odd sort of texture and a sort of shimmer when it comes out, its quiet runny, so a little does go a long away, takes around 1 minute to dry completely, I'd give 1 minute 30 before getting dressed into any tight clothing. 

Gradual tans are a great way to speed up the natural tanning process, so if the sun is shining regularly where you are, use this a night, to achieve a nice tan a little quicker, gradual tans I find do work a lot better this way. They are also great for fake tan beginners and those who want to be in control of how dark they go :)

Available here

Happy Tanning!


Sunday 16 June 2013

Eucerin DermoPURIFIER Active Concentrate

I've been on the social party wagon recently, and needless to say, my skin isn't best pleased. I woke up the other morning looking like a spotty teenager. After all my late nights, lack of sleep, and copious amounts of alcohol and possibly the odd cheeseburger had Obviously caught up with me.

I don't suffer with spots usually, more redness than anything else, but when the spots come calling, i bring out this bad boy to help me rescue my skin from the brink of spotty Armageddon. 

Spot gels can dry out the skin or the area of the spot which is why i only turn to them when i absolutely have to.

Eucerin smells a bit medicated and isn't particularly pleasant, but it works. So im willing to give up the need for fancy pants smells for actual results. I applied this every night since the break out (3 nights) and I'm practically blemish free, there is one stubborn one that wont shift, but then again, there is always one....

The texture is a little watery, but it dries in fast so again, i can let the overly watery texture slide.

I have no need for this in my everyday routine, but I may actually start using it a day or two before i plan on partying just to get a head start on the spot brigade. 

The DermoPurifier Active Concentrate doesn't agreivate my redness prone skin, is on budget and delivers results in a reasonable time frame. It doesnt just target one spot, it target's the entire face so where there is one, you can guarentee theres another just waiting in the wings. That is the main reason why I LOVE this, it targets the entire face and not just one area, purifying the entire face of spotty bacteria. YAY!


Thursday 13 June 2013

Its All In The Eyes...

Eye serum is not something I've thought about before until recently, I'm aware that the skin under my eyes is a lot thinner and more delicate than the rest of my face, so i guess it deserves a little bit of extra TLC.

Whilst I don't suffer with Wrinkles, Puffy eyes or Dark Circles around my eye area, the eyes are one of the top three to give away your age (along with neck and hands). 

So i guess, at 23, its about time i started trying out eye serums to perk up that area and slowly start to slow down that ever looming ageing process...

Dr Nick Lowe Age Correct Eye Serum. (link opens new window)

A lightweight serum that gets dabbed around the eye area that claims to "de-age the eye area and target dark circles" - does it do what it says on the tin? Yes. 

My eye area although I wasn't particularly worried about it, it isn't exactly perfect. After a months use, twice a day, my eyes are brighter, the skin tone is even, those little white spots are slowly disappearing, If I've been up all night - this hides the evidence. 

I LOVE Dr Nick Lowe products, I was introduced to them 5 months ago by a friend and haven't looked back, they are my staple products and this is just another in the collection. 

It's so important to protect the eye area, this doesn't irritate and my skin can be quite fussy at times, It soaks in nicely, doesn't smell or give off any fumes. the dispenser does give out a lot more than is needed so gently does it when pumping it out. So all in all, a design fault is its only fault (I can live with that).

Example of the colour and texture. 

Serums can be sticky and tacky, which can be annoying around the eye area, this one isn't at all which is a bit bonus!

Bright eyes and zero wrinkles all round!


WOW Shampoo & Conditioner

My hair is the top of my "worry" list. so i thought i'd try Colour Wow.

The shampoo and conditioner market is so saturated, that i could spend an hour staring at shampoo wondering which one will make me have the most amazing hair known to earth.

So, with the current "hair boredom" im going through, my colour could do with a a little jazz up, but nothing to dramatic, so with this shampoo claiming to do just that why not give it go, so I got my hands on these little samples...

I couldn't be happier with the current texture and swish my hair has, after spending around a month living with dull hair, after 3 washes my hair colour is slightly brighter, my hair feels better and is gaining back some of the strength that colouring my hair for years has taken away.

Colour WOW has a great texture, its light, foams up nicely and smells pleasant, I'm not fond of over powering fruity shampoos, I like my hair to smell clean, but not like a florists. so in terms of texture, its not goopy, runny or too thick, the conditioner doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy and leaves a nice shine for a few days.

I couldn't be more fussy when it comes to shampoos, I have a long checklist and my hair is fussy.

Here it is:

Soft texture.
Leaves my hair feeling soft, clean after one wash
No icky feeling
Not to over powering with smell
Foams well,
Has a matching conditioner
Gives my hair a good swish

There is a great buzz around this brand at the moment, and I can totally see why, whilst I wouldn't use it ALL the time, because my hair only needs rescuing when my colour hasn't been done in a while (im debating what to do next) I will be using this when my hair needs that extra boost or the kiss of life.

Here's to great hair!


Sunday 2 June 2013

Hide That Hangover...

After a a long heavy weekend, these little gems are helping to wipe away the effects!

Liz Earle Hot Cloth cleanser is a little gem, I don't use it often, so when i do, it feels like a little treat and my skin is so thankful for it this weekend! 

Sebum Control Cleanser to keep any of those social weekend blemishes at bay,

Super Facialist Firming Serum to help smooth and firm my skin, 

Redness Relief Cream, I suffer with Rosasea and my skin can get quite red when I've not had much sleep and alcohol is a bit of a trigger, so this helps mask the redness, soothe my skin and banish any flare up that may occur, 

A Vitamin facial oil restores any moisture lost and gives me a glow that says I've had my eight hours recommended sleep. I only ever use an oil when my skin feels particularly dry, as otherwise it can make my skin feel greasy.

The Hide the hangover look :

Make up with staying power!

Fresh faced with a red lip a splash of colour will liven up any dullness,  stage two of hide the hangover! Now whilst I'm not feeling the effects of a usual hangover, it's been been a long weekend and what i am feeling is tired and tired skin is the worst..

Top Tips for hiding dull skin

1) Exfoliate, or use a deep cleansing mask, this will help brighten your skin, 

2) Moisturise!! - Skin looses moisture when you've been partying, 

3) Tackle any potential blemishes, with spot gels, and sebum cleansers

4) Go with a fresh faced make up look the next day, heavy make up can leave you feeling worse and you skin won't thank you for piling it on after being sleep deprived.