Tuesday 23 April 2013

Manuka Doctor - Bee Venom Face Mask

Rejuvenating Bee Venom Face Mask

Recently, the power of bugs and pests seems to be taking over our beauty wardrobes, Think Bees, Snakes and the rumors of Bird Faeces facials.

Always up for trying something new,  I gave this a shot. 

The smell isn't fresh as i imagined it would smell, its more medicated, which could do with some work, but the smell didn't put me off. I've been dying to use a Bee Venom product for ages, (along side the snake serum, it felt fitting)

  • Cream Coloured
  • Dries Clear (almost)

The Texture is amazing, i don't know how they got this product SO lightweight, so easy to apply but they're ticking all the right boxes for me! Masks i find can occasionally be sticky, this is the total opposite and feels more like a moisturiser. 

Left on for 25minutes.

Washed off. As is washed off it just slid off, leaving behind this soft fresh looking skin, that i thought i'd never achieve. 

Part of the API NOURISH range. 

After using this product a couple of times, alongside my normal routine, my skin has never felt more nourished, moisturised and slighly glowing. 

If your skin is looking tired, and you need a pick me up, I'd recommend this product to anyone!

Will be definitely looking to try out other Manuka Doctor products now, this one has gained a spot on my "HERO" shelf, for those days my skin needs superhero saving.


Monday 22 April 2013

All A Flutter

After reading Marian Keyes article in STYLE magazine, I have to agree that False Eyelashes have steadily become part of every girls make up wardrobe. Eyelure have also released a TRIPLE layered pair that im itching to get my hands on.

The rise in False Eyelashes has grown so much over the past 3 years, so much so we have mascaras claiming to give you that false lash effect. 

I’m starting to realise that as the years go by, and the beauty must haves and essentials build up, my morning routine is getting longer and longer..

Eyelashes have become something i cannot live without and it’s not that my own eyelashes aren't adequate for whatever it is their meant to do, it’s just there not “fluttery” enough.

I once went out a few months ago without them and got told I looked “strange” without them, surely I should look weird with them?

I wear eyelashes daily, and recently I've started to not wear them.

Not because i don’t want to, but simply because laziness with my routine is kicking in. My working day usually ends with me at home now and not on an unexpected night out – this isn't to say that there isn't a pair kicking around in my handbag for that occasion.

Wearing eyelashes daily also means when I do get dressed up my mother described my eye lashes as “road sweepers” – Not a look I’m fond of if I’m honest. Wearing them becomes the norm. 

The reasoning behind my eye lash wearing obsession is primarily, I haven’t found a decent mascara, and I’m a stickler for perfection. Falsies just make me have that “spring my step” sort of feeling...

It’s funny how you can get so attached to something, you originally didn't need, i look at photos of myself 4 years ago and i look fine, (i could do with longer lashes, but all in all i look presentable) ... Anyone comes near me with a camera these days and I’m not sporting a wow brow, lashes and killer cheek bones and I feel like an extra in The Lord of The Rings.

So, Aprils Challenge, is limit eyelashes to important social occasions and going out, and NOT to wear them in the office.


Sunday 21 April 2013

Tea Tree Goodness!

I am a big fan of Tea Tree anything! They always smell amazing, and with this little gem, Body Shop delivers.

Takes about 3-5 minutes to totally matify, i left it on as i got dressed and i was surprised that it didn't smell at all medicated, which tea tree can smell like at times. 

Smooth. Lightweight. Non Greasy.

I am under the impression (or delusion) that my pores are in desperate need of some Minimising and Refining and some hocus pocus that makes them disappear. Whilst im aware that there is no 100% miracle cure for pores, 

As a Rosaeca sufferer, my skin can be highly sensitive to all manner of products that claim to be sensitive so when trying something new, I'm always cautious. 

The tea tree was cooling on my skin, redness was calmed by the tea tree and my make up slid on and stayed on for a significant amount of time. 

I can totally understand the 4 out of 5 star reviews on the website, and at only £7.50, not a bad investment, a little also goes along way with this products, so whilst its only a 30ml tube, it will last a lot longer than you assume .


Monday 15 April 2013

Fake It DON'T Bake It!

Fake Bakes 60 Mins fake tan.

I know i know, I didn't believe it either, but it is actually a rather good tan.
I'm one of those people where, if it isn't instant I'm not happy – making me the worst tanning candidate ever, but i do love Fake Bake. So when i came across this little gem, is little known or that no one seems to have tried, and with only an hour to wait, i thought WHY NOT.

So, here's how my day off went,

Get Up
Fake it. – Comes with gloves and a mitt – so no off coloured palms
Dries, much to my surprise, almost immediately
get dressed

Run errands,

Looks like to everyone else, that I tan incredibly quickly in the sunshine London had today (they shall never know my secret muhahaha)

Come home 2 hours later, wash it off, and TA DAH..
Tanned and feeling lovely.

AND i don’t smell like biscuits, which personally, is the worst thing ever in hot weather – craving baked goods when i have to probably be in a bikini very soon – NOT GOOD!

So after two hours, no streaks and no tan lines, I'm one very happy tanned lady!

‘Tanned in time for dinner’

And its amazing what a tan can do for your confidence, come at me sunshine, I'm tanned, smooth and ready! 


Bare Faced Essentials

This morning i made a decision, based on a revelations that every other woman raves about being more confident in her 20s (and at 23 I'm no where near there) i'd give it a shot, so i put down the foundation, the false eyelashes, and the pinky lipstick and spent the day, Neutral.

Garnier BB Cream - Excellent Coverage, Lightweight, Perfect for fresh spring days
MAC Select Concealer - NW15 (im not going totally bare faced...yet.)
Pixi - My Brow Perfector - (it's not called that, but it should be)
Smooch - Bronzer (just a teeny bit)
and Carmex, where would i be without his little gem?

It felt SO Liberating, and a little less strenuous on my shoulders, not having to carry around a make up bag fit for a TOWIE princess.

 Day 1 of being a little more neutral ad relaxed, done. How do i feel? - Clean Make up wipe at the end of the day was so clean in comparisson to the usual orangey monstrosity it ends up as.

Maintainence - Minimal, the odd top up. - Bonus on those mental days!

Confidence Levels : Medium. - Not overall convinced i don't look like some sort of hideous goblin without my usual layers, but i did appreciate the freedom of not having to worry about Lashes and if id just smudged my lipstick. 


Sunday Nights Are Made For TLC...

Now, Lush is one of my favorite places.

I can usually spend a maximum of about 15 minutes in there without being overwhelmed by an array of scents – but i can always find a lush on the high street based on smelling it out. So after receiving some lush goodies for my birthday i am over the moon! 

All from my beautiful best friend, who definitely knows how to spoil a girl! Space Girl, Butterball and Dragons Egg - All amazing smelling!

So, after a week and a half of being ill and in pain, I thought, why not treat myself to a Sunday night pamper session. 

Lush Bath Bomb - Space Girl, 
Followed by Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil 
Soap & Glory's Sit Tight

Dr Nick Lowe Purifying Foaming Cleanser
Superfacialist Intense Firming Serum
Body Shop - Vitamin E Facial Oil
Dr Nick Lowe Redness Relief Cream

Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

Pampered beyond pampered.

Sunday nights are definitely made for pampering, relaxing, frozen yoghurt and watching re runs of CSI till my eyes go square, so as bedtime approaches, Can safely say i slept like a baby. 

A pamper sesh, filled with my Hero pampering Brands, that i could not achieved the ultimate pamper sesh without.

Monday was easy after last nights session!


Monday 8 April 2013

Margaret Dabbs - Foot Oil

I take winter as the perfect opportunity to pamper my feet regularly in prep for the exposure of flip flops and peep toes of the summer months!
Im lucky to not suffer with blisters or hard skin, but i still don’t want to have to deal with these at any point, (although it probably is inevitable as we age) so few times a week, before bedtime i use

Margaret Dabbs Intensive Foot Oil

Which claims to “ Transform dehydrating skin”, in a little spray bottle – one spray, maximum coverage as the peep toe season seems to be getting closer (did anyone notice a beautiful spring day today?) Claimed to be a ‘Global cult product’ I was skeptical at first, how can one oil, banish so many foot worries, and prevent them? However, I've heard nothing but great things about the wonderful Margaret Dabbs, so i felt safe putting my summer toes in her hands. 

I’ve been using this product for 5 weeks, 3 nights a week, (along side my fortnightly pedicures) before bedtime and can feel a significant difference in softness and feeling less like i need a pedicure and more leaning towards a shape a paint and minimising my pedicure appointments.

More importantly I'm even more looking forward to flip flop season!
Feet also feel refreshed and it has a lovely fresh scent.

Price £8 

Easy to use, Effective and with not long till summer is (hopefully) going to be hitting our shores, or even in prep for your summer sun getaway, I would recommend this prodcut to anyone not wanting to over spend on the holiday prep (with all the beauty appointments it can cost almost as much as the holiday!)


Sunday 7 April 2013

Scent Sensation

After reading so many articles on perfume recently, I started to think about my own, what they mean and how it has suddenly grown from having just the one, to having 5.

Until recently I've been a one scent kinda gal (Coco Chanel - in case you were wondering) and its been my signature smell for YEARS, it represents every good memory, every bad memory I've over come and most of all reminds me of me.


I thought that it would be a good idea to build up some form of scent bank that could represent my moods and the occasion 

(Left to right)

Lancome - La Vie Est Belle - I fell in love with the one the moment i smelled it, and it was on the top of my Christmas wish list - the smallest things make me the happiest.
Coco Chanel Madmoiselle  - The one that represent me, the one that reminds people of me.
Jean Paul Gaultier - Classique - Loud and proud - strong, a little goes a long away, great for nights out
Hugo Boss - Nuit - another catchy little scent i fell in love with and the advert in ELLE - a sample in an envelope, cute and practical.
Burberry - Body - Clean cut and subtle. 

So far, smelling good. 

I think its important to have the go to perfume - for me this will always be Chanel. The rest, wait their turn for when I'm feeling adventurous. 

Smelling good is just as important as looking good!
For now these are my faves

I'm very much one for loving something and just sticking with it - that age old motto 'If it isn't broke, don't fix it' - unless there happens to be an irresistible marketing plan...


Monday 1 April 2013

Skin Pharmacy - Snake Serum

Snake Serum 

I am not one to usually believe in all this Hocus Pocus about snake serums and what not, but this one genuinely surprised me. A Fantastic serum, not greasy and doesn't leave my skin feeling like there is a layer of something smothering my face, very light in consistency and a little definitely goes a long way - An extra bonus, nothing like a product that does its job in reasonable amounts!

Whilst I'm a fair bit away from panicking about wrinkles, trying out these products as a preventative rather than a solution can't be bad? 

I do feel my skin is being pampered and cared for by this serum, as if its fighting away all those late nights and wrinkles in waiting. 

another bonus? my skin doesn't feel  clogged with product once I've put on my daily moisturiser. 

I've been using this product for 3 weeks and can say that, whilst I only had extremely fine lines to begin with, i have definitely noticed an overall improvement on how my skin looks.

Rated 8/10 

* two points deducted cos i feel it could be better packaged, and I've managed to crack open the top of the bottle, and i think serums should be in a air tight container. 


Disclaimer : Doesn't exactly mean it contains snakes, no snakes harmed during the making of this wonder product. 

The Unstoppable Trio

Every girl needs an arsenal of those products that make her feel (and look) amazing no matter the weather. Here are mine: The unstoppable trio, come rain or shine these are my absolute go tos ..

Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisteriser
Palmers Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil 
Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

In The Cold : The oil replenishes skin after a hot shower after a long cold day, the cocoa butter moisturiser is a daily must have leaving skin amazingly soft all day and the lip balm is none greasy allows lipstick to stick on top of it and is fantastic at keeping lips soft and kissable, a must have in winter. 

In The Heat : Summer means exposed skin, dresses, short sleeves, cocoa butter helps relieve the self conscious feeling of being so exposed after the long wintery months spent covering up.

Walking talking buttered up babe. 

and BEST of all, perfect for sensitive skin. 

Purchase at Boots & Superdrug, 

See Palmers award winning success here http://uk.palmers.com/awards/