Outfits & Snapshots

Reading: The Wish List. Loving it so far, Funny, Witty and a cosy summer read 

Sunset. My favorite time of day, time to chill with a beverage and reflect on my day.

Enjoying Spending some time in the garden - Sunny Days in the City

Girly take on Military - River Island Blazer, The Blazer Collection GROWS!

Life Motto...

White Brogues, Love 'em or Hate 'em They're Snazzy.

Sometimes a cuddly cardigan is all a girl needs x

Statement Necklace

Random Spot Shirt - adding a bit of crazy into my day (as if they aren't crazy enough)


Where would i be, when im ill, without funky socks. Nowhere. That's where I'd be! 

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