Friday 31 May 2013

The Summer Must Haves

These are my summer MUST HAVES, to be prepped, primed, and Body Perfect for summer!

Soap & Glory : Sit Tight
La Roche-Posay Sun Care
Nails Inc : St James
Dr Nick Lowe: Super Light Skin Tone Perfector
Simple : Hydrating Moisteriser 

The mini nail polish is perfect in case you chip your nails whilst out, and perfect for little weekend breaks as its luggage friendly!

I also like to carry around a mini moisteriser, with all the time we spend outside (when the suns shining) skin can dry out, a mini hydrating moisteriser is perfect to carry around and you can mix it with your foundation for a more dewy, fresh faced look! Simple is perfect as it doesn't irritate sensitive skin, perfect for all skin types.


Im a burner, i go bright pink because im so fair, I tend to use a natural looking fake tan all year around unless im going abroad, when I sunbathe. the La Roche Posay sun cream is amazing, its light, drys quickly and doesn't have that awful sun cream smell. 50+ is a bit high, but with my recent VISIA photos, I've been shocked into blocking those rays for a while! Look out for UVA (ageing rays) and UVB (burning rays) protection.  

After being out in the sun all day (when its out) i use  Dr Nick Lowe's Super Light Skin Tone Perfector, which fights the signs of pigmentation, caused by sun exposure. Preventing any further damage to my skin and also repairing any damage already caused.

Last, but by no means least, We all enjoy eating and drinking outside, which can cause lips to feel dry, keep them protected with Carmex or a hydrating lip balm, I prefer balms in the summer, as gloss can get sticky and make your lips dry. Cocoa butter lip balm is also a good choice! Try to get a lip balm with an SPF if possible!

Soap & Glory Sit Tight, is my ultimate prepping tool, Cellulite busting and firming when used in conjunction with my summer work out regime, I'm 100% (well, almost) confident and ready for summer...

All I need now is the SUN!


Thursday 30 May 2013

Microdelivery Triple Acid Peel...

Micro Delivery
Triple Acid Brightening Peel

Click HERE to Purchase

I picked up these samples of the pre-saturated chemical peel pads recently, after i was a bit bored of my skin looking, well, grey. 

I've never tried a peel before, as my skin can be sensitive and the last thing I want to do is irritate it just as summer is meant to kick off, but grey skin made me want to risk it. Pleasantly surprised, my skin must of been sick with looking a bit dull to, because i had no reaction, no redness, so i would recommend it to all skin types, if your skin is VERY sensitive it is always smart to to a patch test first, no one wants to look like a blow-fish, I've spent to much time with a face to rival Rudolph's nose to not do a patch test. 

I have used 3 so far and can honestly say, my skin isn't better or worse in condition, but it is definitely more even in terms of tone, so once a week when my face had been cleaned, i swiped this over my face, to reveal a brighter complexion in the morning, I felt doing this at night gave it all night to work it's magic and Im not disappointed. Whilst I feel its slightly on the expensive side for what it is, I also feel that good skin is worth investing in. I have learnt that expensive isn't always the best...

You can also swipe this over your chest and decollete area, and anywhere you feel needs a bit of perk up, I just used it on my face as, with recent weather, the rest of me doesn't get much exposure to daylight.

The first time i used it, I released my face wasn't actually as clean as i thought it was (So back to the double cleanse routine i went) and didn't feel much of an effect, the second time i made sure i was deep cleansed and ready to be beautified, and TA DAH 3 weeks later, my skin is feeling, cleaner, my make up sits better and as i write this in a very public coffee shop, I'm all hair up no make up and proud (well, sitting in the corner, but the intention is there) 

Philosophy are a great brand, with a simple message, no fluff, no over sparkly marketing campaign, which is what drew me to them in the first place, if a brand claims to be all singing and dancing and some air head promoting it, i usually find its all lies. 

So thank you  Philosophy, for a brighter, firmer face.


Monday 27 May 2013

Gazelli - Triple Youth

Gazelli is a Luxury anti-ageing brand from Azerbaijan

and if you haven't tried it yet, you don't know what your missing!

I have been using the Serum and the Cream combined for 2 weeks, and my skin has been brighter, and more even from day one. Wrinkles are something im not worried about just yet, but im a firm believer in prevention, so whilst i wont' see and wrinkle reducing benefits, my skin definitely feels firmer, as with all products consistency and patience is key, you really have to keep on with some products to see a huge difference, these miniatures a perfect for exploring the different products that are available, and are also non committal  if at the end of the bottle you don't feel even a slight increase in confidence you're not stuck with a huge bottle of left overs. 

Gazelli is a wonderful brand, its packaging its simple, yet effective and the content of the bottle is more important, most of all i feel with prolonged use, this would become one of my heroes  after a 2 week trial, its time to move onto the product, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quick firming fix, the serum feels luxurious on your skin, soaks in and leaves skin nourished all day. Overnight this serum works its magic leaving skin glowing in the morning. A definite confidence booster, as im sure half of us ladies aren't that happy with our morning faces! 

So if you're looking for your morning happy face, try Gazelli Triple Youth. 


Tuesday 21 May 2013

Boom or Bust?

Dr Nick Lowe Secret Is Out Neck & Decollete Firming Cream 

*Link opens new window

Recently i read that our Neck and Decollete area is an area we neglect most. It is also an area that is an age give away. our faces may say young and youthful, our necks? say OAP and frequent bingo attendee.

Ageing is a process we all face, but with a little help from our trusted products, maybe we could make it happen at a pace we can all cope with?

For the past few weeks I've been using "Dr Nick Lowe's Neck & Decollete Firming Cream" in a bid to prepare my decollete area for some exposure, one cannot wear high neck tops all year round, and seen as summer is taking its sweet time in appearing, im given a bit more preparation time (the only reason im thankful for dreary days)

So is my neck & dec prepped?

This cream feels extremely luxurious, glides over my skin and soaks in leaving my decollete area smooth and moisterised all day. Whilst feel is really important, what about the results?

the area certainly feels a lot smoother, the skins a little tighter and its a great base for fake tan, when applied at night, tan goes on evenly in the morning.

used with regular exfoliation this cream is an absolute god send.

Every inch of me is being prepped and primed. If you haven't already started prepping and priming your Decollete area, i would advise that you do!


Monday 13 May 2013

Chin & Jaw Lift

Sarah Chapman Skinesis

Chin & Jaw Lift

Packaging says: Skin feels firmer and tighter. Continual use of the Chin and Jaw Lift leaves the area sculpted and visibly lifted to give you the look of a lower face lift.

After only one application skin feels firmer, tighter, softer.Whilst I'm aware im a few years of noticing any signs of ageing, these products can only help in delaying any future signs. Left on for 20 minutes, I massaged the left over serum into my skin and waited for it to dry before applying the rest of my nightly regime. 

I am also a huge fan of a bit of pampering and Skinesis offers ultimate home pampering solutions. 

The Neck and Jaw area are also very neglected when it comes to Anti-Ageing and product wise, there aren't many targeted at this area and as people say, it's the neck that gives it away!... Used on a regular basis I can see this improving the overall firmness of the neck area and also improving confidence.

I also gave one to my mum, who whilst being quiet the bit older than me, found it refreshing and firming. She noted that whilst there wasn't a surgery like lift, she felt that with prolonged use the area would become increasingly firmer and would hide her true age. 

I would recommend using this product in the safety of your own home, as it has a unique "Star Trek" feel to it, but if it works it works. I can justify looking a little cooky for the sake of beauty. 

Confidence is the key!!


GlossyBox Turns 2!!

Happy Birthday GlossyBox!

My favorite monthly delivery, dropping little bits of luxury at my door and this month the wonderful GB turns 2! hard to believe, and here's to many more!

My Glossy Box Contained:

La Roche-Posay - SPF50
Jelly Pong Pong - Fairy Lashes
Beautiful Movements Cosmetics- Primer
Stone Beauy - Body Lotion
Headline Colours - Gold Nail Polish

Winning All round, I am a sucker for mascara! and i love the Jelly Pong Pong brand, so this is a winner all round, La Roche-Posay Sun cream  - this box is getting more and more perfect by each product, I've been umm'ing and arr'ing over purchasing this, Body Lotions, Nail Polishes and primer to boot, 

My Biggest favorite  has to be the cute as a button mini GB emery boards, a new must for my handbag, seen as breaking nails seems to be daily occurrence these days!

Now if only that sun would shine long enough for me to try out my new sun protection, and as if i needed an excuse to paint my nails!

Well, I better get to making myself beautiful, Happy Birthday GB, thank you for my lovely presents! 


Liquid Collagen


At my recent visit to the Anti-Ageing Show, I was overwhelmed with the amount of drinkable, youth promoting products.

As I'm open to trying most things that will improve, or fix skin issues, why shouldn't their be a drink that can do that?

Welcome  SKINADE.

A Collagen based drink that promotes a healthy glow from within, so whilst im armed with 15days supply. (Im currently on day 2) Cant complain about the taste, (i was prepared to be drinking something icky for days) It's quite refreshing. So here goes the rest of my trial 15 days of drinking collagen, I'll let you know how my skin gets on! ...


The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show

This has been a long weekend, one where The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show took over my schedule!

With many brands exhibiting and all fighting, essentially, for a wider consumer base. I can say that it was a small win for the organisers, being the first of its kind, it has the potential to grow, and for many brands that market their anti ageing potions to get involved.

Not only from a creams and topical solutions point of view, many brands where promoting the idea of "beauty from within" a challenging concept in a world of consumers with the "instant" bug. It is all to easy to turn to the likes to Harley Street to turn back the years. With collagen drinks and Vitamin shots on offer, many consumers where buying into the idea (finally) that a healthy lifestyle is one step closer to slowing down the ageing process. Burning the candle at both ends has consequences.

Ageing happens to the best of us, sometimes at a pace where happy with, and sometimes not. So the show showcased brands that where about prevention and brands that where all about trying to undo the damage, an excellent combination.

It was also a great insight into the mind of those working within the Beauty industry who gave talks throughout both days, giving the consumer a much sort for insight into how they can retain their youth, and gather little bits of expert advice at a fraction of the cost of a consultation.

So after a weekend of exhibiting and having the chance to have a little walk around, I'm looking forward to the next beauty event!

Until next Year


Friday 10 May 2013

Good Things....

Good Things 

Total Wipe Out

... Now, I love a good face wipe after a long day.

I Really dislike these. Now, I love the biodegradable side and the brand image, I just dislike these wipes.

They don't feel nice on my face, the texture is all wrong. Maybe its the only texture which makes them planet friendly?

I don't like being mean about products, especially when they're created with such enthusiasm ... But I suppose, you cant love everything.

I Haven't tried any of the other products, and im less inclined to.


Thursday 9 May 2013

Orico Day Moisturiser


Streetwise Antipollution Day Cream

I love using this when I go out later in the day, or getting ready for an evening out. It's a perfect night out moisturiser because it leaves skin feeling nourished, it a good base for make up, if you don't use a primer.

It's so light and creamy, doesn't feel heavy, but doesn't feel to oily which is great for combination skin. I wouldn't recommend this as a general  day cream unless your putting on sun cream as well as this doesn't contain an SPF, which is important in a day cream, which is why I use it later in the day and for evenings out.

I have tried a thousand and one moisturisers and find that most leave my skin either to dry half way through the day, too oily or just smell. Im a big fan of NOT perfuming face products, the skin on the face is a delicate thing, and perfumed products can cause reactions.

Orico ticks all the right boxes with this moisturiser, the fact that it's anti pollution drew me to it, I haven't seen many Antipollution moisturisers around and in a world dominated by buses and cars... and not to mention the dirt on the underground, our skin needs protecting from the man made elements.

So if your skin is feeling a bit beaten up by the elements, I'd recommend this!


Beauty Haul

Beauty Haul Numero UNO

As I imagine, I will be hauling a lot of beauty products in the future, labeling this one number 1 seemed fitting. 

I am the equivillent to a magpie when it comes to beauty products, if its all shining and promising my heart automatically wants my hand to reach for myfavourite bit of plastic and purchase everything imagineable. My head does not. 

But as I lead mostly with my heart, my head has learnt to pick up the pieces later, this is my first haul of highly recommended products.

Dr Nick Lowe x2 - Eye Correct Serum & Neck & Decolette Firming Cream

Who doesnt want sparkly eyes and a chest to die for? ... Odd combinations, but run with me here... Skin looking a bit desperate, eyes in need of TLC = eye product. Summer, low tops, dresses, the ever looming deadline when i will have to be seen in swimwear... = decollete firming needed. 

I also love Dr Lowe's products in general.

Nivea Face Wipes. 

Ive used simple face wipes for years, but whilst out and about they had no brightening wipes, and Nivea is a brand my cousin swears by so... why not. If i dislike them, back to simple i go... 

Microdelivery Brightening Peel

As my skin is in the mist of some sort of rebellion against my social calender, making me look horrifically tired*, dry skin is plagueing my life. so Brightening up sounds like just the ticket!

*Despite the fact im sleeping a fine amount 

Sarah Chapman Chin & Jaw Lift

For when they eventually decide to attempt to hit the floor, im hoping that this little trick will delay it ever so slightly, Im also going to give one to my mother, who for all intense and purposes is my anti ageing guinea pig. (sorry mum)

Eucerin Dermo Purifier 

Im not a sufferer of spots (thankfully) but if one does pop up, I like to cover my entire face in treatment in case they're thinking of face domination. 

REN anti-ageing cream

Come here mother, I have something else for you to put on your face and tell me if I should use it or not...

LDN Skin Gradual tan. 

Ill start with explaining I have little patience for this type of product, I shower far to frequently for them to ever work, and I'm a sort of want it now get it now kinda gal so we will see how Iget on with this... WATCH THIS SPACE

So, Over the next few weeks, these will be put through their paces (lets see if i can stay up all night and hide the damage... )


Wednesday 8 May 2013

Benefit they're real!

Quick post whilst I'm on route to work,

Benefit they're real mascara!

I have been on the hunt for a mascara for ages, I've built up a steady collection of make up I don't use, every brand cheap and cheerful and the ones that I stare at feeling guilty.

It's been getting a lot of hype recently and is well loved it seems in the press, so when my Elle magazine arrived with a mini one I almost cried with excitement.

So far I haven't been disappointed.

The brush applicator is one of the best applicators I've ever used (and I've used a lot) mascara doesn't clump around the brush, it just glides off the brush onto my eyelashes , which need all the help they can get to be fabulous.

Whilst it doesn't seem thick, it plumps up lashes and coats them nicely. So far I'm impressed! A nice addition to my mascara collection I seem to be building.