Friday 15 November 2013

Lauren's Way - Medium Tanning Lotion

Well, Winter has well and truely settled in and, apparently is only going to get worse. If there is ever anything to make me feel better it's a tan. Now. I have tried an ARMY of tans in the past, from the ones that leave me smelling like biscuits, to the streaky, to the glittery and so on. 

Lauren's Way has had RAVE reviews so I thought why not, Trying to find my usual tan in Boots is like trying to create world peace. 

I went with Medium - as i like quite a deep bronze - and I wasn't disappointed, not only does it leave a nice colour behind, i don't smell like biscuits, it washes off evenly and doesn't streak - although streaking is partly to do with technique, sometimes patchiness is beyond our control.

It does come out quite dark, which didnt put me at ease, but with minimal blending, it goes on like a dream, and doesn't dry up my skin which is an added bonus. 

Now, the photo really doesn't do this justice, Its  beautiful deep golden colour and is far from orange. Lasts about a week - depending on how often you shower and fades evenly with regular exfoliation. An excellent tan for the money and is accessible for all her fans.


Thursday 14 November 2013

Mary Kay Lengthening Mascara

The perfect mascara should makes me look like a fluttery temptress that 1) Lasts 2) doesn't flake off and make me look like an extra from the band KISS.

This is beautifully created mascara, and really does ad length to my lashes, doesn't clump and so far, doesn't dry up after only a few weeks use. I'm a firm believer that the brush of the mascara plays a HUGE part in the application, The thicker end is great for building a but of volume and thickness to the outer corners and the carefully curved brush helps to lengthen lashes for a subtle flutter. 

I have tried many a mascara, from many budgets and this one is one of my favorites! I'd definitely recommend to anyone wanting a mascara that does what it says on the tin. 

Priced at £16, found HERE


Wednesday 13 November 2013

Fountain - Hyaluronic Molecule

Now. I am far from the worries of ageing - not to say that im not taking precautions in slowing down this inevitable process. But the buzz around this is just to much to resist.

The Hyaluronic Molecule is a key anti ageing ingredient in helping restore the plump youthfulness to skin, to even out wrinkles and is now available in drink form!

I am a firm believer of what you put in is what you get out, so when offered the chance to give this a shot i jumped at the chance. I have so far trialed it for just over 3 weeks and have to say, I've noticed a small improvement in my skins texture. I suffer with Rosacea, and whilst it hasn't helped with the redness, my skin is usually among the first to start showing the effects of the wet wind and cold weather we suffer in Britain. I've noticed that not only is my skin retaining the suppleness of summer, but also isn't loosing its glow as fast, I have also made my mother drink it and I've lost count of how often she tells me to look at her face and says "look how nice it looks" - not one for the in-depth description, but she seems happy and as a smoker her skin is naturally battling extra demons on a daily basis, whilst her skin hasn't snapped back to that of a teenager, it is brighter, smoother and has improved all round - i must mention shes not one to invest in a full time regime either so, from the both of us, we are both happy with the results, so by the time Christmas comes around i imagine a certain someone wont be shying away from the family photos!

The taste is something you get used to, but just as a pre warning a glass of water may be needed for the first taste.


*Press Sample*

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Sisley Eau Du Soir

Weekly scent: 
This week im wearing Eau Du Soir by Sisley, which is miles from my usual light scent.

This is such a powerful scent. Perfect for anyone wanting to be remembered and to make an entrance. With slight talc undertones, feminine in a way that is not girly and floral, but more strong and empowered. 

Perfect as a transitional perfume between Autumn and Winter as is exudes a powerful comfort undertones that linger on the clothes that you catch a smell of as you move. 

Monday 11 November 2013

Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm

Now, I have to say that i'm always slightly cautions when products use the word "illuminating" - simply because it usually implies im signing myself up for a dose of shiny face. I have loved Elemis products for a long time, i use them sparingly because i find sometimes they are slightly to rich for my skin. 

I am a BIG fan of this product, especially during those dull winter days, when skin can take a dramatic turn down dull n dreary road, this is a real pick me up the slight clean linen creamy scent lingers but is not over powering. 

On those good skin days can be worn without make up, When heading to the gym this adds to my "just worked out glow"  or used instead of your moisturiser (however don't forget your daily SPF) or on top moisturiser as a primer, I have also mixed it in with my foundation for a more dewy look. This doesn't leave my skin overly shiney or make my skin feel suffocated, which is also the case with many illumiating products. As an added bonus, it is also free from Parabens and other nasties, for all the ingredient conscious product users. 

Priced at £32 its at the top end of my budget, but a little goes a long way and as a winter investment, its definitely a must have on bad skin days!


Thursday 26 September 2013

I've Been Practicing...

I invested in a Liquid Eyeliner as practice before i move onto gel. I do love this one from Collection, its on the bargain end of my budget in comparisons to others, but with my lack of know-how when it comes to the eye flick i thought go bargain before i splurge and realise i can't get a grips with it.

I love this, because you can control how thick you go, and you can really build it up, it dries quickly, so you do have to move slightly quickly, but it comes off quite easy with a bit of eye make up remover, so if you do make a mistake there's no dark grey smudge giving you away. 

Here's my finished result - not bad for a rookie! The way im getting used to it is practicing every day and working into an every day look - I cant wait to go more dramatic for a night time look.


Wednesday 25 September 2013

Soap Kitchen

I absolutely love the homemade brands. Wont lie, this little gem makes me hungry a little bit. Honey & Oatmeal may be good for tummy and it feels slightly odd on the face. 

A thicker texture than I would normally associate with a mask, but it does feel nourishing and natural. My skin feels softer. It is hard to spread evenly because of the texture, but you can feel its exfoliating goodness working into your skin leaving behind a revitalised appearance. I picked this up at Fashion Monitors Style Lounge and im SO glad i did - whilst im dubious in some cases, after some research and a little bit of risk it hasn't irritated my sensitive skin. Whilst my skin was slightly red after exfoliating, it was nothing more than the usual, and im sure it is better for my skin than a whole heap of chemicals i can't pronounce.

For more information on Granny Sally's Soap Kitchen click HERE


Tuesday 24 September 2013

Regenerating Collagen Gel

Collin Result Time
Regenerating Collagen Gel

It's odd to come across a gel type moisturiser, when im so used to seeing serum's and cream. Designed to plump, hydrate and help the anti-ageing process this gel formula is a mixture of a cream and serum. the thickness of a cream, but it glides like a serum. Absorbs fast into the skin and has a fresh floral scent, which doesn't linger so you have no worries of you suddenly smelling like meadow if someone gets a bit to close. (and if someone was sniffing your face, i'd question their sanity anyway)

I have mostly tested this out on my mother, the swatch on my arm shows what I mean by the texture of cream but appliance of a serum. It does leave skin feeling hydrated, and gives a smooth texture, whilst im not totally convinced it's created more cells, and I don't currently possess the scientific equipment to check, it has on the surface improved the appearance and texture of the skin.  The smell is initially off putting and I wouldn't recommend it for sensitive skin types because of the perfume content.

It leaves a nice dewy glow (not oily looking) if your braving going bare faced! 


Monday 23 September 2013

Elie Saab

Perfume of the Week.

I honestly think this is one of my favorite smells, its happy notes just cheer up a dull day. It lightly lingers around for hours, catching the soft floral but not over powering feminine scent as you move. 

An elegant scent that would suit most girly girls, strong and memorable, this one is one for lazy TV days, or lunch time with the girls, one to get you noticed. 


Wednesday 18 September 2013

London fashion week!

I am obsessed with fashion week, twice a year I turn into a crazy person constantly streaming shows. Sometimes on two devices when I can't choose or there's a clash. So when I was invited to Fashion Monitors style lounge I had to go! 

They did a fantastic job of organising the whole thing, I fell in love with the Mayfair hotel.

I luckily got to have my hair done by the most wonderful stylist Nicole from the Notting Hill Headmasters salon, I have never slept so carefully in my life. And the hairs still in place, I had to redo a few curls but all in all I'm still wondering around like a lost princess 

I also got to talk to the wonderful Louise Connor who created me a little eye flick to match this amazing hair do 

I was going to attempt to recreate it, but I think ill leave it to the professionals I only end up a smudgey mess. 

Gazelli also made an appearance, offering beauty treatments such as hand massages, I've never seen people look so relaxed! 

House of holland nail wraps, SuperDry and Mallzee where also there, if you don't know mallzee it's a fantastic shopping app much like a huge wish list from all your brands, all your brand apps into one! Huge space saver. 

An amazing event all round!! 

X bb x 

(Typed on the iPhone. Apologises for the spelling errors!)

Saturday 14 September 2013

Stay Matte Mousse - Rimmel

I can't live without foundation, its such a part of my routine, and it helps me feel normal. We put so much trust in a product to enhance ourselves, to enable us to feel ready to face the day, so why not research it? 

Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation is a lightweight creamy foundation that gives excellent coverage and has excellent staying power. I haven't been a fan of mousse like foundations in the past because the texture just doesn't feel right to me, (unless im eating it) My skin can also be oily in places one minute and dry the next so the Matte element did make me wary. Pleasantly surprised this foundation is quite hydrating.

Swatch for Ivory 100.

Rimmel is an excellent on budget brand which delivers its promises. Excellent value, only a small range of colours available, but they cover the basics. 


Friday 13 September 2013

Vichy Idealia Life Serum

Designed for over stressed, skin exposed to pollution and built to counteract an unbalanced diet. If ever there was a reason to have a cheeky slice of cake it's this stuff. Ive always believed in what you put in shows on the outside and whilst I advocate a balanced lifestyle, sometimes, over indulgence is something we all keep as a little guilty pleasure so its about time someone created something to counteract the bad days! 

This Serum is cream like in texture when you first put it on but once you start to rub it in it glides like a serum and soaks in leaving skin feeling nourishing, has a happy scent and isn't to over powering.

Once rubbed in it leaves a dewy glow and during the summer can be worn alone without foundation. Although it doesn't even out skin tone, if you're happy going foundation-less this will leave you fresh faced all day. 

Used twice a day for a few weeks i can see the benefits, and if it helps me feel a little less guilty when i indulge at the weekends, then that's a huge plus. With the festive season just around the corner we all need this on our beauty shelves.

Usually £29.50 in boots, but at the moment its £22.12! (Price correct of 11.9.13)


Thursday 12 September 2013

The New Night Time Find!

Night Creams are SO Important. As we sleep our skin repairs (or tries to) any damage done during the day. I picked this up the other day, I love its nourishing feel, I can feel the antioxidants soak into my skin and get to work on making my skin have that morning glow! 

Although it may seem thick to begin with, it soaks in nicely and leaves skin feeling nourished, healthy and is the ultimate bed time skin treat.

With added Anti-Ageing benefits, this one is definitely a keeper!

Night Night!


Wednesday 11 September 2013


With my recent River Island Haul, How could I resist wearing this!

I may be longing for cosy days, but me and my dresses are still coming out to play!

Dress: River island
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins


River Island Mini Haul

Well, With Elle UK offering 25% off this month, how could i not indulge in a few goodies?

This skirt is just AMAZING. Such a statement for AW13, Dressed up for a night out or just adding a bit of pizazz to the office wardrobe, an absolute must have, I cannot wait to wear it!

A green leopard print t shirt dress - T shirt dresses are my ultimate staple, i can hide in one, or show off a little waist if I add a belt, the perfect multifunction-er. 

Well.. Nothing really needs to be said here! Who doesn't like a cosy slogan baggy jumper for those winter days trudging around trying to pretend you haven't started the summer countdown already?!


Tuesday 10 September 2013

Vampy updates

Embracing Autumn and opting for deep purple nails and a dark lip colour. Hello Autumn, I'm ready. 


Mid Week Nail Update

I've gone all sparkly this week - Part of me is testing out Christmas colours. 

Pink Glitter by Barry M - I don't often paint my own nails for the simple fact that I get bored waiting for them to dry, and they end up smudged. However this week i painted them as the baby pink got a tad boring after a few days. This is a great colour to perk up those dark evenings which I'm sad to say are now upon us. Fast Drying and also has a rough texture before you apply a top coat - I chose to leave the top coat out this time to give it more of an edge. There is no under colour on my nails, this is how it comes out, which is great, because having to pre-paint my nails is also something im reluctant to do. 


Monday 9 September 2013

Ginvera Exfoliating Gel

In my ever lasting quest for skin perfection, an Exfoliating Gel sounded like something that may unleash my inner good skin days that i know are waiting somewhere.. 

Ginvera is a brand I've come across a few times, and doesn't get to much coverage in the glossy's.

The gel is smooth, something you don't associate with an exfoliator, to be honest, its slightly odd, and doesn't feel like its scrubbing away the dead skin cells. Its a light texture and is certainly more gel like, and more on the side of a wash than an exfoliator. 

Despite the lack of beads, this is a lovely product my skin feels refreshed and clean, but not necessarily exfoliated. The green tea aspect is definitely a plus, and an ingredient associated with cleansing and freshness. 


Saturday 7 September 2013

M.A.C BB Cream

When iIm in M.A.C I almost feel like I've been dropped into a see of cosmetics and I don't know whether to run out the door, purchase everything or where to start. 

Wondering around the store, glancing at foundations, winter's almost here and my summery glow is mere weeks from disappearing for another few months (unless someone wants to take me on a winter sun getaway?)

I never know whether to go slightly thicker with my foundation in winter to hide from the harsh winds or to go slightly more dewy to avoid my skin being suffocated. This year, im going Back To BB.

With SPF35, if anyone does take me away this winter, I wont have to pack another SPF containing foundation. Sun protection is SO important in skincare and in foundations, our faces are constantly exposed to UVA and UVB rays (yes even in winter!)

What i love most about MAC foundations, and why I constantly go back, is the range of colours, for pinky tones, yellow tones and tanned tones - I'm sort of in the middle of pink/yellow. This is MAC BB in Extra Light, which is perfect, light sometimes can be slightly to dark for me sometimes. This is a really lightweight BB Cream, blends nicely, and can be layered up if you wanted a more doll like appearance, quite natural at the same time as having quite good coverage and long lasting.


Friday 6 September 2013

Signorina - A Summer Scent

Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo

I rarely see this in magazines or in the perfume articles, half as much as I should .

This light, floral girly scent is such a summery smell, it reminds me of long summer evenings in the park and it lingers on past the BBQ smell to. 

Its quite a strong floral scent so spray sparingly otherwise you drown in it, but i also like that because its a saver in time, reapplying perfume throughout the day isn't always realistic

A light hearted, girly scent, im not quite ready to leave behind in the summer... I may just have to wear it a few more times, and on the first few rainy days to remind me that summer (even if it was a short lived) will return! 

Thursday 5 September 2013

Si - Giorgio Armani

I seem to be on a little perfume frenzy of late.

I have come across Si by Giorgio Armani. I've not liked any previous GA scents in the past, not enough to wear them, i always feel they clash a little with my personality.

Recently perfumes have gone very citrus like and this is no different.

SI is sweet smelling, with a floral undertone with a citrus after smell. 

I object to spraying perfume on cards to get a real smell of it, because, quite frankly, I don't smell like paper. 

I REALLY like this perfume, so a little spritz goes a long away (perfect in my opinion, nothing like having to half drown in the stuff before you get a whiff) I do own enough perfumes to last a small lifetime, however this is going on my Christmas wish list, definitely spring scent! 

RRP £44 for 30ml 


Wednesday 4 September 2013

The Trouble With Rosacea ...

In total I have suffered with Rosacea for 4 years, I started to get redness when I was around 18/19 it would mostly flare up in severe hot and cold conditions, gradually it became a daily battle to hide and manage.

If you have never suffered with a facial skin condition, its hard to imagine how redness can effect your day to day life. It becomes something that you always focus on, I'm talking reapplying make up several times throughout the day, during lectures, on the tube and so on.

Welcome, self diagonsis.

I did nothing for a while, except spend a fortune on concealers in as many colours as you can imagine and on redness relief products from every brand imaginable. Rosacea can knock your confidence especially as it's on your face, your face is the first thing people see, make up becomes less of an armor and an enhancer and more a necessity.

It'd hard to explain how life changing it can be when suddenly the center of your face goes bright red to the touch, a slight wind, a slight bit of sun - often people would ask if i was sun burnt. I was rivaling Rudolph at some stages.


I saw a dermatologist. Redness almost doesn't seem worth it, but trust me it is! Over the past 7 months I've learnt about Rosacea, how to manage it, and what my triggers are. I have been using a combination of antibiotics, topical treatments, IPL and peels to alleviate the symptoms.

In total I have had 3 IPL sessions - IPL takes around 2-3 weeks to notice a difference and can also reduce the signs of sun damage - in 23 years I've done a lot of damage! IPL Stings, its like splashing hot water on your face, but you know what, it works. The only down side to this is that i was BRIGHT red for a few hours after.

I had 1 Peel - Which is unsightly so do this when you have the time because a peeling face doesn't do wonders for the confidence either, the after effects however, are just amazing. A smoother, more radiant and slightly less pink appearance. 

I'd recommend a combination personally, especially if you want quick results! 

I can safely say, that while my skin is by no means flawless now - there's a spot that has driven me crazy for a day or two - The redness is now a mild pink, my confidence rarely wavers, and whilst i have flare ups occasionally I am well armed to deal with it!

I've used a combination of Zineryt and Rozex topical treatments. Zineryt reminds me of a huge bingo dabber for your face - and works wonders, smells a bit, but if it works, it works right? So after years of hunting and using the wrong products I've found these work the best. There is a limit to the achievable results of using CC's BB's and redness relief products without targeting the root of the problem.

To all the Rosacea sufferers there is an end! 


*Rozex and Zineryt are only available via prescription from a doctor or dermatologist

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Latest In Beauty Ultimate Summer of Discovery

I LOVE Latest in beauty. 

So when this arrived, I was more than chuffed!

Who doesn't like a little box of beauty goodies?

So whats in it? 

Sam Farmer Body Wash - Smells so devine! Almost like a fresh summers day in a bottle - Watch out winter I'm ready! 

Lemon - by Mary Greenwell - Im not to much of Lemon-y scent kinda girl, but this is a perfect mix of sweet and sour smells

Steamcream Fiore Edition - Steam cream is such a nourishing cream, and in a pot like that, perfect to carry around to rehydrate your skin after a gym sesh and best of all its suitable for the whole body. 

L'Occitane Shampoo and Conditioner  - Perfectly packaged, i love the different flip top! Can't wait to try these out, the sound like the perfect post gym shower treat :)

Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel & Purifying Foaming Cleanser - One of my favourite brands, the mini spot gel is such a saviour and handbag friendly!

Lastly another handbag staple is the Good To Go wipes - with winter just waiting to rear its ugly head again these would be necessary to keeping those winter colds at bay.

Purchase the Ultimate Summer of Discovery box  HERE 


Friday 30 August 2013

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 15

If you know me, you'll know i recently went from one perfume (I was faithful to Coco Chanel for YEARS) to owning so many its a daily struggle to find which one represents my mood (and one with not to many memories attached to it yet)

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 15, isn't new, and its not exactly hot off the press, but i recently came across it as perfume isn't something I, and many of my friends associate with Liz Earle. 

Described as "Vibrant" - I can almost agree it is a lively scent and does linger for quite some time. A strong Sandalwood, Damask Rose and Cinnamon. The Damask Rose gives off an almost musky type smell, quite masculine in smell, which is different to how i imagined it would smell, i imagined something light, almost fresh linen-esq. 

I felt the urge to do a mini review because of its smell and connects with the brand so well,You can smell the essential ingredients that are in the facial products so they connect on a smell basis, however it is slightly stronger but definitely stands out from most perfumes a little goes a long way and it definitely makes a statement.

Photo Credit

Purchase HERE


Thursday 29 August 2013

Nails of the week #NOTW

Despite my pure LOVE of nails, I haven't actually done any nail posts. Probably because I'm not into the whole, nail art craze everyone seems to be into! I'm just here like, Shiny colours, simple colours, classic. 

I am also, if you can't tell, a bit of a falsie addict, my nails never grew, so a few years ago (7 or 8) I started getting falsies and fell in love with perfection. 

This weeks nail colour is French Affair by Essie. A untypical colour for me, i usually go for deeper colours, or neutral creams. But as it was pouring rain and i was feeling a little delicate, i thought a nice girly pink would pick me up. It did. I was right. 

Essie is my ultimate favorite nail polish brand. I have flirted with other brands, but ultimately, Essie has my heart, hard wearing (i do a lot of tapping) a lovely shine to them and so many colours it takes me a good while to choose the next one! I also find they smell less than other brands and whether this is intentional or not, its definitely a plus!

Maybe I'll start experimenting with my nails, I'm just aware of how "messy" it can appear. In my opinion if there is one thing that ruins a good outfit its chipped, smudged nails.

Nails done just ups the glam a little more don't you think?