Sunday, 16 June 2013

Eucerin DermoPURIFIER Active Concentrate

I've been on the social party wagon recently, and needless to say, my skin isn't best pleased. I woke up the other morning looking like a spotty teenager. After all my late nights, lack of sleep, and copious amounts of alcohol and possibly the odd cheeseburger had Obviously caught up with me.

I don't suffer with spots usually, more redness than anything else, but when the spots come calling, i bring out this bad boy to help me rescue my skin from the brink of spotty Armageddon. 

Spot gels can dry out the skin or the area of the spot which is why i only turn to them when i absolutely have to.

Eucerin smells a bit medicated and isn't particularly pleasant, but it works. So im willing to give up the need for fancy pants smells for actual results. I applied this every night since the break out (3 nights) and I'm practically blemish free, there is one stubborn one that wont shift, but then again, there is always one....

The texture is a little watery, but it dries in fast so again, i can let the overly watery texture slide.

I have no need for this in my everyday routine, but I may actually start using it a day or two before i plan on partying just to get a head start on the spot brigade. 

The DermoPurifier Active Concentrate doesn't agreivate my redness prone skin, is on budget and delivers results in a reasonable time frame. It doesnt just target one spot, it target's the entire face so where there is one, you can guarentee theres another just waiting in the wings. That is the main reason why I LOVE this, it targets the entire face and not just one area, purifying the entire face of spotty bacteria. YAY!


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