Monday 19 May 2014

Kiko Universal Fit Foundation

I have struggled with finding my go to foundation, I discovered KIKO a few years ago whilst away in Rome I can’t say how much of a go to place this is. I would advise a trip first thing, as the store on Regent Street can get a bit packed out as the day goes on and it’s never nice to feel rushed when browsing!

My favourite summer time foundation is the Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation. It’s somewhere between BB and a foundation in texture and has a medium coverage – perfect for sunny days when foundations can seem a little thick and clog pores. This foundation hasn't been around long, but it is a total must for this summer. 

There isn’t many colour ways available but I always find that you can always go a little darker with foundation in the summer when you’re rocking a summer glow. Long lasting and evens out colour, covering redness but not looking over done. Perfect for summer days in the park where going bare faced isn’t an option.

A steal at just £6.90, perfect for all skin types and the hydrating formula fights the drying elements of the heat and air conditioning.

A swatch of the Light Beige - I am generally the lightest shade in foundation, but I chose a slighter darker shade to help blend in with a natural tan as summer works it's magic. 


 RRP £6.90 Buy online HERE

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