Tuesday 30 July 2013

I'm Back!

I've been hiding away, thinking up ideas, buying shoes, the natural things, 

Drinking endless cups of coffee, making my mark (Barry M in case you're wondering)

And eating endless healthy snacks... okay, SOME healthy snacks, and a lot of chocolate, but if i photographed  all the chocolate i ate recently I'd have an army of dentists chasing me down the road. I Promise next year, ill *try* give up the sweet things!

Gained an unhealthy addiction to smoothies.

And pampered myself a little, well, it is summer after all, if a girl cant pamper herself during summer when can she?!

So, Heres to getting the blog back on the road with beauty, what i've been up to recently, what i've got planned, career and lifestyle and how im getting on trying to get abs*


*Vain attempt, but its on my "before im 30" list, so i might as well attempt it

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