Saturday 12 July 2014

Original Beauty Blender

If you wear foundation, you NEED one of these!

This Latex free little miracle leaves you airbrushed and line free when applying foundation, making it almost effortless to blend, and to over up any blemishes should you want to. I have always used my pinky finger to blend in the past until using the beauty blender. It also comes with a handy little Solid Cleanser for easy cleaning. I'm a bit of freak when it comes to brush cleansing (I keep my beauty blender still in the tube it came in). The Lavender scent of the cleanser is so much nicer, some cleansers can smell a bit to clinical or overly perfumed, a calming lavender is always pleasant. 

I would recommend getting the sponge / soild cleanser combo just purely for ease, its much easier and you can use the solid cleanser with other make up brushes too. With it being summer as well, if you needed to take your Beauty Blender on holiday, the solid cleanser would be one less liquid in your case! 

The blender allows you to really get the best of your foundation, I had never really considered that it was the tools and not the method or product that was not right with my made up face, (4 foundations later, I've discovered they're all perfect, it was just the brush that needed to be changed). You are able to blend the corners of your nose without going to cakey and even gently go quite close to the eye without causing future wrinkle damage as it really is gentle. Product wise you SAVE product, using less foundation per application because it really helps cover a large surface area with such a small amount - we're talking pea sized rather than 50p sized. 

A worth while beauty investment. Available on Beauty Bay RRP £26 (for the sponge and cleanser duo) HERE


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