Monday, 15 April 2013

Fake It DON'T Bake It!

Fake Bakes 60 Mins fake tan.

I know i know, I didn't believe it either, but it is actually a rather good tan.
I'm one of those people where, if it isn't instant I'm not happy – making me the worst tanning candidate ever, but i do love Fake Bake. So when i came across this little gem, is little known or that no one seems to have tried, and with only an hour to wait, i thought WHY NOT.

So, here's how my day off went,

Get Up
Fake it. – Comes with gloves and a mitt – so no off coloured palms
Dries, much to my surprise, almost immediately
get dressed

Run errands,

Looks like to everyone else, that I tan incredibly quickly in the sunshine London had today (they shall never know my secret muhahaha)

Come home 2 hours later, wash it off, and TA DAH..
Tanned and feeling lovely.

AND i don’t smell like biscuits, which personally, is the worst thing ever in hot weather – craving baked goods when i have to probably be in a bikini very soon – NOT GOOD!

So after two hours, no streaks and no tan lines, I'm one very happy tanned lady!

‘Tanned in time for dinner’

And its amazing what a tan can do for your confidence, come at me sunshine, I'm tanned, smooth and ready! 


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