Sunday, 21 April 2013

Tea Tree Goodness!

I am a big fan of Tea Tree anything! They always smell amazing, and with this little gem, Body Shop delivers.

Takes about 3-5 minutes to totally matify, i left it on as i got dressed and i was surprised that it didn't smell at all medicated, which tea tree can smell like at times. 

Smooth. Lightweight. Non Greasy.

I am under the impression (or delusion) that my pores are in desperate need of some Minimising and Refining and some hocus pocus that makes them disappear. Whilst im aware that there is no 100% miracle cure for pores, 

As a Rosaeca sufferer, my skin can be highly sensitive to all manner of products that claim to be sensitive so when trying something new, I'm always cautious. 

The tea tree was cooling on my skin, redness was calmed by the tea tree and my make up slid on and stayed on for a significant amount of time. 

I can totally understand the 4 out of 5 star reviews on the website, and at only £7.50, not a bad investment, a little also goes along way with this products, so whilst its only a 30ml tube, it will last a lot longer than you assume .


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