Wednesday 13 November 2013

Fountain - Hyaluronic Molecule

Now. I am far from the worries of ageing - not to say that im not taking precautions in slowing down this inevitable process. But the buzz around this is just to much to resist.

The Hyaluronic Molecule is a key anti ageing ingredient in helping restore the plump youthfulness to skin, to even out wrinkles and is now available in drink form!

I am a firm believer of what you put in is what you get out, so when offered the chance to give this a shot i jumped at the chance. I have so far trialed it for just over 3 weeks and have to say, I've noticed a small improvement in my skins texture. I suffer with Rosacea, and whilst it hasn't helped with the redness, my skin is usually among the first to start showing the effects of the wet wind and cold weather we suffer in Britain. I've noticed that not only is my skin retaining the suppleness of summer, but also isn't loosing its glow as fast, I have also made my mother drink it and I've lost count of how often she tells me to look at her face and says "look how nice it looks" - not one for the in-depth description, but she seems happy and as a smoker her skin is naturally battling extra demons on a daily basis, whilst her skin hasn't snapped back to that of a teenager, it is brighter, smoother and has improved all round - i must mention shes not one to invest in a full time regime either so, from the both of us, we are both happy with the results, so by the time Christmas comes around i imagine a certain someone wont be shying away from the family photos!

The taste is something you get used to, but just as a pre warning a glass of water may be needed for the first taste.


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