Friday 15 November 2013

Lauren's Way - Medium Tanning Lotion

Well, Winter has well and truely settled in and, apparently is only going to get worse. If there is ever anything to make me feel better it's a tan. Now. I have tried an ARMY of tans in the past, from the ones that leave me smelling like biscuits, to the streaky, to the glittery and so on. 

Lauren's Way has had RAVE reviews so I thought why not, Trying to find my usual tan in Boots is like trying to create world peace. 

I went with Medium - as i like quite a deep bronze - and I wasn't disappointed, not only does it leave a nice colour behind, i don't smell like biscuits, it washes off evenly and doesn't streak - although streaking is partly to do with technique, sometimes patchiness is beyond our control.

It does come out quite dark, which didnt put me at ease, but with minimal blending, it goes on like a dream, and doesn't dry up my skin which is an added bonus. 

Now, the photo really doesn't do this justice, Its  beautiful deep golden colour and is far from orange. Lasts about a week - depending on how often you shower and fades evenly with regular exfoliation. An excellent tan for the money and is accessible for all her fans.


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