Monday 1 September 2014

Maintaining a summer glow.

As we wave goodbye to August, and what appears to be our glorious Summer making the glow we have built up over the past few months becomes one of our main missions. It is always hard to let go of the healthy glow we enjoyed achieving through lazy weekend park trips and pub garden evenings. 

Here are some fake tanning tips to keep your Summer glow long into the Autumn months. 

Step One 
Hair removal & Exfoliation
They key steps for the perfect, flawless glow. Firstly, pick your hair removal method of choice at least 24 hours before applying fake tan. I always have a long soak and take time to exfoliate, using Soap & Glory's flake away.   If you're prone to ingrown hairs or bumps, I would recommend Lycon's Anti-bump foaming gel followed by In Grown X-it available online at .

Step Two
If you suffer from dry skin, lightly apply a body oil to key areas using a cotton pad - Elbows, Knees, and bottom of the feet, occasionally the ankles, if not just apply a nourishing moisturiser, allow to dry for 10-15 mins. I would recommend Palmers Cocoa butter or Caudalie Divine Oil. 

Step Three
The use of the tanning mitt makes for a smooth application and makes it easy to apply in upwards circular motions. The mitt also makes it easier to blend, making it harder for streaks to appear. 

Step Four
Moisturising Part 2
After showering 8-12 hours later, moisturise with an oil free moisturiser,  or an oil free sun tan lotion if you plan on sunbathing with false tan on. I would recommend South Seas paraben free, water based SPF 30. 

If the sun stops shining, at least we can keep our summer glow! 

Happy Tanning. 


All products mentioned are available at, and from Boots. 

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