Wednesday 3 September 2014

Make-up Brushes, On a budget

I have always believed you get what you pay for when it comes to beauty tools - brushes that shed all over your face do not make for an easy application. In the past i have invested heavily in high end brands for their tools and technology, however these brushes are what budget beauty is all about, without skimping to much on quality. 

I came across these in Primark - an unlikely destination for beauty, but i would keep an eye out on their beauty department for easy access essentials. At only £1-£1.50 each these brushes are perfect to pop into your make-up bag on the go, if you're anything like me and are a tad over protective over the more expensive ones. The pink tips really do add a little bit character, you can see some thought has gone into what they should look like. They probably aren't built for longevity however i have been using their mini foundation brush for nearly a month and have noticed no shedding so far and with a regular clean i get the same even soft application. 

Above are images of the Concealer brush, foundation brush and stippling brush - The perfect contour and blend trio. Primark also stock a range of brushes perfect for any young teens just starting out on their make-up journey and for those of us with protective issues over our faves. 


Available now, in most Primark stores. 

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