Monday 12 May 2014

Lycon - Ingrown X-it

Now ladies, we have all experienced the dreaded ingrown hair at some point, from waxing or shaving and we're always told to exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate! However contrary to popular belief, exfoliating can also have the opposite effect, causing hairs to fall deeper into the skin, or even causing infection if we scrub to hard - but there is not pressure gauge to monitor how hard we are to scrub. 

Lycon (if you don’t know the Lycon brand find out more here) has this product called Ingrown X-it designed to rid you of ingrown hairs, without damaging the skin. Containing Salicylic acid, Allantoin and Arnica, put these altogether and you get one product that sure packs a punch when it comes to saying goodbye to ingrown hairs for good! Safe to use all over the body from legs, to bikini line, even on the face. Did you know that if you cross your legs you’re more likely to get in grown hairs on the side your leg rests on because of the friction this causes?

This product comes in a spray making easy to apply and control the amount used, it soothes ingrowns, taking away that uncomfortable itch, decreases the redness and decongests the skin helping to relieve all symptoms and the appearance of even the angriest of ingrown hairs. 

I have been using this religiously for two months, and it’s safe to say my ingrown issue has gone. I would recommend this to every waxer or shaver to use daily. I saw significant improvement after two weeks and the improvements have continued. 

I use it every day after waxing for two weeks, then every other day after that, used with a regular gentle exfoliating routine this is definitely a must have product. An absolute essential before beach season, Ingrowns can ruin a bikini bod no matter how hard you crunch, plank or run!

I purchased mine at Strip wax bar in Soho, they have locations all over the place so you can pick one up from a store here or online at


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