Monday, 2 June 2014

BellaPierre - Eyeshadow Pallette

I'm not big on eye shadows, usually ending up resembling a pelican rather than a sultry polished make up goddess or I smudge it, get annoyed and wipe it all off. However if I am going to don some eye shadow for a night out or casually in the day, there are a few brands i turn to and Bellapierre's mineral based eyeshadows are my go-to. They stay, they come off easy if it's smudged and most of all the palettes group all my favourite shades together. 

This the Camouflage Green palette which features my favourite and my preferred natural shades, playing safe avoids the tropical bird look. - Also available in Go Natural, Blue Skies, Smokey Heaven, Mirabella and Purple Rain. 

Ranging from a neutral pink with a hint of shimmer, to to a light gold, sliver, light brown and dark brown. Each shade goes on lightly so you are able to control the amount of colour and are able to build up for a more dramatic effect. Mixing the pale pink, gold and the light brown gives a day time summer twist to the original smokey eye and is so versatile. Suiting most eye colours, (I've got Hazel eyes- so this makes my eyes pop without being to crazy)

I love this, most of all. for it's versatility. Day /Night Wedding or Christening, look perfectly polished. 

RRP £27 for the 5 colour palette available HERE


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