Monday 23 June 2014

Racinne Ultimate Aqua Boost.

After a long battle (7 months) battle with a scar on my face, I am desperately trying to remove it. I had spot injected back in December 2013 and since then the mark just wont shift, and it also has a small dip in the middle which makes it hard to cover up. I have been using a combination of products since then to shift it, from Pigmentation products, to redness to even light chemical peels. 

I have been trialling this product for 3 weeks and so far, I am loving it. I am currently using it all over my face and neck (just in case I have some unseen sun damage) and not just in the area i wish to fix. 

The lightweight gel/cream formula means it is so easy to apply and doesn't leave a sticky residue and you are able to layer on a night cream afterwards without feeling like you are suffocating your pores. Whilst it isn't generally promoted for acne scarring I thought it was worth the test! Racinne is a Korean brand which uses scientific technology combined with plant extracts with results driven skin rejuvenation, Korean skincare is definitely one to watch! 

On the whole this is so far great for my skin. I have noticed visible improvements in the texture, feel and general appearance, my skin feels and looks brighter and more even. Whilst the scar hasn't totally disappeared, it is becoming less and less visible as the days go by. 

I am using this in conjunction with Alpha H Liquid Gold every other night. for my review on Liquid Gold, please click HERE and with my normal morning routine. 

Available at Fenwicks, or online HERE RRP £38


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