Friday 20 June 2014

Hand Chemistry - DECIEM

A no:1 give away of age is your hands (followed closely by your neck - not literally obviously). We don't look after our hands well enough in my opinion, from the constant tapping on keyboards, phones, constant exposure to UVA and UVB rays - how many times do you apply sunscreen consciously to the backs of your hands? 

Hand Chemistry, by Deciem the geniuses behind Inhibitif and Grow Gorgeous have this miracle cream that combines a multitude of anti-ageing agents to combat the signs of ageing and also as a preventative. Results can be seen in just 11 days with consistent use. Repairing the visible signs of aging, to increase hydration, improve texture, smoothness and elasticity. Whilst it doesn't contain SPF (something I think all hand creams should contain) it does pack a punch when it comes to ensure your hands are in tip top condition. Which is why it is hidden from my mother (sorry mum). I've noticed that after years of my hands being battered by UV machines, that they have a bit more life back in them, they're softer and they look better, perfect for the summer and an improvement on my nail polish helfies (hand selfies, it'll catch on... maybe.)

A midly thick formula that glides into the skin, absorbes quickly and is gentle enough to use throughout the day and you don't get a greasy keyboard & light enough for all season, all weather use 

Available HERE RRP £18.99


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