Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hide That Hangover...

After a a long heavy weekend, these little gems are helping to wipe away the effects!

Liz Earle Hot Cloth cleanser is a little gem, I don't use it often, so when i do, it feels like a little treat and my skin is so thankful for it this weekend! 

Sebum Control Cleanser to keep any of those social weekend blemishes at bay,

Super Facialist Firming Serum to help smooth and firm my skin, 

Redness Relief Cream, I suffer with Rosasea and my skin can get quite red when I've not had much sleep and alcohol is a bit of a trigger, so this helps mask the redness, soothe my skin and banish any flare up that may occur, 

A Vitamin facial oil restores any moisture lost and gives me a glow that says I've had my eight hours recommended sleep. I only ever use an oil when my skin feels particularly dry, as otherwise it can make my skin feel greasy.

The Hide the hangover look :

Make up with staying power!

Fresh faced with a red lip a splash of colour will liven up any dullness,  stage two of hide the hangover! Now whilst I'm not feeling the effects of a usual hangover, it's been been a long weekend and what i am feeling is tired and tired skin is the worst..

Top Tips for hiding dull skin

1) Exfoliate, or use a deep cleansing mask, this will help brighten your skin, 

2) Moisturise!! - Skin looses moisture when you've been partying, 

3) Tackle any potential blemishes, with spot gels, and sebum cleansers

4) Go with a fresh faced make up look the next day, heavy make up can leave you feeling worse and you skin won't thank you for piling it on after being sleep deprived.

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