Tuesday 18 June 2013

Hand Creams


A Quick post, because im slowly becoming a tad obsessed with hand creams... 

It's clear which one if my favorite. but i really LOVE them all! I feel like my hands get abused a little by the constant tapping at the key board all day, and the weather, its unreasonable to wear gloves in the summer months, so while the weather is being temperamental, im sticking with the hand cream. Preferable with an SPF.

The Neal's Yard hand cream is my favorite smell, its almost lemon cheesecake smelling, its a happy smell for sad days. 

Dr Organic is one of my fave brands, from hair serums, body oils and hand creams I love it all!

Hand creams are definitely my new obsession, who doesn't want soft hands? These are my ultimate top 3, ones I cannot do without.

So if your after a nourishing, long lasting softness L'Occtane is your go to, Nice smelling, mood enhancing, creamy, Neals Yard and Finally, a kind, hand loving, thicker cream for those dry days, call on Dr Organic


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