Monday 24 June 2013

So, I went and had a Chemical Peel.

As the title suggest, I did indeed go and have a peel on Friday June 21st.

The Treatment

I'm not one for pain, I'm not scared to admit that whilst "no pain no gain" may be true in some cases,I'm mire a fan of "i shouldnt have to be in pain to look beautamous"

So i was a tad nervous the word "chemical" instills fear in me, and I think treatments should be relaxing and not leave you feeling like you need an entire bottle of wine to calm down afterwards, so, i hear you say, did it hurt?


Simply, it didnt hurt, it stung but it didnt hurt, the slight stinging sensation was bareable and my face did feel a little hot at times but i wasnt crying for my mummy throughout the treatment. After a whilst i was asked to wash it off and i gladly washed my face with cold water to be greated with a face redder than rudolphs nose. Luckily the redness calmed down after about 30mins. My face did feel SO soft and i had to keep reminding myself to stop touching it.

Day 1

Barely any redness. Slight pink tint around my nose area but as i suffer with Roasea this didnt bother me in the slightest. I avoided using any harsh soaps and opted for a Hydrating cleanser in the morning followed by Simple's purifying creamy cleanser which is softer on my skin.

Day 2 sunday

And here comes the peeling. Light peeling around my nose area and chin area. Not bad, and I'm able to cover it up a bit, but im trying to avoid using make up - so using a light BB cream instead.

Day 3

MORE PEELING, starting to think my skin was in worse condition than i actually thought it was. Harder to hide today, but all in all no redness and no pain, just a little peeling, looks like I've been on holiday and not got a tan... 

Tried to show The peeling, but it doesn't show up to much in photos (blessing in desguise) 

So here's to good skin (hopefully) I will post an update once all the peeling has stopped

x BB X

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