Monday 17 June 2013

LDN Skin Gradual Tan

Everyone loves that sun-kissed look, and whilst we're still waiting for some solid summer sun, my fake tan collection is being used and abused. 

LDN Skins gradual tan is not something I would usually go for, I'm an instant results kinda gal.

However, always up for trying something new and when it comes to tanning, I'll give anything a go to achieve a nice little glow! (i am not advocating sunbeds, sunbeds are evil)

So LDN, The usual, Keep applying to build up a natural looking tan.. 

I was using Gradual Tan Tone 1 - Which is VERY Light, I applied mine twice a day for a few days and still didn't feel dark enough, so if you're after a light tan, this would be the one for you, I prefer to be a little darker than this could achieve. 

Each brands definition of "light" is different , so it is hard to judge without testing. 

It does come with a lovely soft applicator mitt - Id advise washing it BEFORE use, as i found some black fluff came off on my legs as I rubbed the tan in.

Odd sort of texture and a sort of shimmer when it comes out, its quiet runny, so a little does go a long away, takes around 1 minute to dry completely, I'd give 1 minute 30 before getting dressed into any tight clothing. 

Gradual tans are a great way to speed up the natural tanning process, so if the sun is shining regularly where you are, use this a night, to achieve a nice tan a little quicker, gradual tans I find do work a lot better this way. They are also great for fake tan beginners and those who want to be in control of how dark they go :)

Available here

Happy Tanning!


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