Monday, 26 May 2014

Alpha H - Liquid Gold


I've been using this for 2 weeks on alternate evenings and I have noticed such a difference in my skin. This product gently mimics that of a peel, reviving and renewing the skins surface to reveal brighter skin and more even complexion. 

after a long winter, my skins battled harsh winds, hot and cold temperatures and maybe the odd late night, it's nice to have this to renew my skin to its former glory. 

BEFORE: My skin felt dry, no amount of exfoliating and mud masks was shifting this feeling that something just wasn't right.

AFTER: Two weeks of trialling this product i can safely say that my skin will never reach that point again. My skin feels nourished, and I'm able to get the best out of my products.  

A uncomplicated, easy to use product that delivers. Suitable for all skin types. Just pour onto a cotton pad, gently wipe over your face, avoiding the eye area, and leave over night. 

Wake up brand new. 


Available HERE from Beauty Bay RRP £31.50

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