Thursday 15 May 2014

Caudalie - Instant Foaming Cleanser

I was recently forced out of usual cleansing routine. Much to my dismay, my face, as I only have the one has become quite accustomed to being well cared for. I thought that while I am able to try new products I was going to go all out and go for the Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser – Grapes & Sage.

First off, don’t let the scent put you off. I am not fond of perfumed facial products, when I smell perfume in a cream or lotion or potion, I automatically think, Breakouts, Clogged pores, Chemicals and ARRGGHH. The latter being the first thought. I've found that with time, you get used to the smell and this is the TOTAL opposite of my initial thoughts.

My skin is, Refreshed, Cleansed, Bright and HURRAH no breakouts. This is also the creamest, foamest cleanser I’ve ever used, it’s so gentle and soft that whilst cleansing, the smell has become a somewhat relaxing comfort. A great cleansing multitasker, being able to remove makeup in one swift wipe on most days and there is no fight for suds. Bubbles mean clean right??

Suitable for all skin types meaning my combination skin gets a treat and not one area of my face is left out. Miraculously it is also SOAP FREE meaning you’re faces natural PH is undisrupted, making it less likely have a breakout or reaction.

98% natural ingredients – something to boast about for sure! NO NASTIES, whilst I accept some preservatives are needed in our products or we would be buying them daily, it’s nice to know that a product goes that extra mile to eradicate the serious nasty’s like SLS from its ingredients. I don’t want SLS in my shampoo, I certainly don’t want it on my face. 

The perfect get up and go cleanser. Definitely a must try!

RRP £14.25 on feelunique Available HERE


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