Friday 16 May 2014

Hair On Trial

I have died, permed, straightened, curled and coloured my hair into an oblivion. So, operation i want long luscious locks is in full swing. 

So, I've invested in step one: grow baby grow. Lee Stafford "for hair that never grows past a certain length" treatment.  *Waves hand crazily in the air* it's like it was made for me. 

After 3 uses, I can already feel a difference, my hair feels thicker, and whilst I haven’t noticed any growth yet, I’m hoping for waste length hair in a few months! – This is in keeping with a regular trim and tidy up routine. Currently my hair is just at shoulder blade level and has stayed this length since January. I’m hoping with continued use this product, which has already improved the texture of my hair it’s thicker and I’ve noticed, when I brush my hair, it’s not all falling out as much as it used to (BONUS).

It smells amazing! I will be trialling it until it’s empty and I hope by then, rupunszle will be knocking down my door wanting her long haired crown back. Packed with vitamins and protein  it can only do hair good!


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