Friday 31 May 2013

The Summer Must Haves

These are my summer MUST HAVES, to be prepped, primed, and Body Perfect for summer!

Soap & Glory : Sit Tight
La Roche-Posay Sun Care
Nails Inc : St James
Dr Nick Lowe: Super Light Skin Tone Perfector
Simple : Hydrating Moisteriser 

The mini nail polish is perfect in case you chip your nails whilst out, and perfect for little weekend breaks as its luggage friendly!

I also like to carry around a mini moisteriser, with all the time we spend outside (when the suns shining) skin can dry out, a mini hydrating moisteriser is perfect to carry around and you can mix it with your foundation for a more dewy, fresh faced look! Simple is perfect as it doesn't irritate sensitive skin, perfect for all skin types.


Im a burner, i go bright pink because im so fair, I tend to use a natural looking fake tan all year around unless im going abroad, when I sunbathe. the La Roche Posay sun cream is amazing, its light, drys quickly and doesn't have that awful sun cream smell. 50+ is a bit high, but with my recent VISIA photos, I've been shocked into blocking those rays for a while! Look out for UVA (ageing rays) and UVB (burning rays) protection.  

After being out in the sun all day (when its out) i use  Dr Nick Lowe's Super Light Skin Tone Perfector, which fights the signs of pigmentation, caused by sun exposure. Preventing any further damage to my skin and also repairing any damage already caused.

Last, but by no means least, We all enjoy eating and drinking outside, which can cause lips to feel dry, keep them protected with Carmex or a hydrating lip balm, I prefer balms in the summer, as gloss can get sticky and make your lips dry. Cocoa butter lip balm is also a good choice! Try to get a lip balm with an SPF if possible!

Soap & Glory Sit Tight, is my ultimate prepping tool, Cellulite busting and firming when used in conjunction with my summer work out regime, I'm 100% (well, almost) confident and ready for summer...

All I need now is the SUN!


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