Monday, 9 September 2013

Ginvera Exfoliating Gel

In my ever lasting quest for skin perfection, an Exfoliating Gel sounded like something that may unleash my inner good skin days that i know are waiting somewhere.. 

Ginvera is a brand I've come across a few times, and doesn't get to much coverage in the glossy's.

The gel is smooth, something you don't associate with an exfoliator, to be honest, its slightly odd, and doesn't feel like its scrubbing away the dead skin cells. Its a light texture and is certainly more gel like, and more on the side of a wash than an exfoliator. 

Despite the lack of beads, this is a lovely product my skin feels refreshed and clean, but not necessarily exfoliated. The green tea aspect is definitely a plus, and an ingredient associated with cleansing and freshness. 


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