Thursday 5 September 2013

Si - Giorgio Armani

I seem to be on a little perfume frenzy of late.

I have come across Si by Giorgio Armani. I've not liked any previous GA scents in the past, not enough to wear them, i always feel they clash a little with my personality.

Recently perfumes have gone very citrus like and this is no different.

SI is sweet smelling, with a floral undertone with a citrus after smell. 

I object to spraying perfume on cards to get a real smell of it, because, quite frankly, I don't smell like paper. 

I REALLY like this perfume, so a little spritz goes a long away (perfect in my opinion, nothing like having to half drown in the stuff before you get a whiff) I do own enough perfumes to last a small lifetime, however this is going on my Christmas wish list, definitely spring scent! 

RRP £44 for 30ml 


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