Wednesday 4 September 2013

The Trouble With Rosacea ...

In total I have suffered with Rosacea for 4 years, I started to get redness when I was around 18/19 it would mostly flare up in severe hot and cold conditions, gradually it became a daily battle to hide and manage.

If you have never suffered with a facial skin condition, its hard to imagine how redness can effect your day to day life. It becomes something that you always focus on, I'm talking reapplying make up several times throughout the day, during lectures, on the tube and so on.

Welcome, self diagonsis.

I did nothing for a while, except spend a fortune on concealers in as many colours as you can imagine and on redness relief products from every brand imaginable. Rosacea can knock your confidence especially as it's on your face, your face is the first thing people see, make up becomes less of an armor and an enhancer and more a necessity.

It'd hard to explain how life changing it can be when suddenly the center of your face goes bright red to the touch, a slight wind, a slight bit of sun - often people would ask if i was sun burnt. I was rivaling Rudolph at some stages.


I saw a dermatologist. Redness almost doesn't seem worth it, but trust me it is! Over the past 7 months I've learnt about Rosacea, how to manage it, and what my triggers are. I have been using a combination of antibiotics, topical treatments, IPL and peels to alleviate the symptoms.

In total I have had 3 IPL sessions - IPL takes around 2-3 weeks to notice a difference and can also reduce the signs of sun damage - in 23 years I've done a lot of damage! IPL Stings, its like splashing hot water on your face, but you know what, it works. The only down side to this is that i was BRIGHT red for a few hours after.

I had 1 Peel - Which is unsightly so do this when you have the time because a peeling face doesn't do wonders for the confidence either, the after effects however, are just amazing. A smoother, more radiant and slightly less pink appearance. 

I'd recommend a combination personally, especially if you want quick results! 

I can safely say, that while my skin is by no means flawless now - there's a spot that has driven me crazy for a day or two - The redness is now a mild pink, my confidence rarely wavers, and whilst i have flare ups occasionally I am well armed to deal with it!

I've used a combination of Zineryt and Rozex topical treatments. Zineryt reminds me of a huge bingo dabber for your face - and works wonders, smells a bit, but if it works, it works right? So after years of hunting and using the wrong products I've found these work the best. There is a limit to the achievable results of using CC's BB's and redness relief products without targeting the root of the problem.

To all the Rosacea sufferers there is an end! 


*Rozex and Zineryt are only available via prescription from a doctor or dermatologist

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