Tuesday 24 September 2013

Regenerating Collagen Gel

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Regenerating Collagen Gel

It's odd to come across a gel type moisturiser, when im so used to seeing serum's and cream. Designed to plump, hydrate and help the anti-ageing process this gel formula is a mixture of a cream and serum. the thickness of a cream, but it glides like a serum. Absorbs fast into the skin and has a fresh floral scent, which doesn't linger so you have no worries of you suddenly smelling like meadow if someone gets a bit to close. (and if someone was sniffing your face, i'd question their sanity anyway)

I have mostly tested this out on my mother, the swatch on my arm shows what I mean by the texture of cream but appliance of a serum. It does leave skin feeling hydrated, and gives a smooth texture, whilst im not totally convinced it's created more cells, and I don't currently possess the scientific equipment to check, it has on the surface improved the appearance and texture of the skin.  The smell is initially off putting and I wouldn't recommend it for sensitive skin types because of the perfume content.

It leaves a nice dewy glow (not oily looking) if your braving going bare faced! 


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