Wednesday 18 September 2013

London fashion week!

I am obsessed with fashion week, twice a year I turn into a crazy person constantly streaming shows. Sometimes on two devices when I can't choose or there's a clash. So when I was invited to Fashion Monitors style lounge I had to go! 

They did a fantastic job of organising the whole thing, I fell in love with the Mayfair hotel.

I luckily got to have my hair done by the most wonderful stylist Nicole from the Notting Hill Headmasters salon, I have never slept so carefully in my life. And the hairs still in place, I had to redo a few curls but all in all I'm still wondering around like a lost princess 

I also got to talk to the wonderful Louise Connor who created me a little eye flick to match this amazing hair do 

I was going to attempt to recreate it, but I think ill leave it to the professionals I only end up a smudgey mess. 

Gazelli also made an appearance, offering beauty treatments such as hand massages, I've never seen people look so relaxed! 

House of holland nail wraps, SuperDry and Mallzee where also there, if you don't know mallzee it's a fantastic shopping app much like a huge wish list from all your brands, all your brand apps into one! Huge space saver. 

An amazing event all round!! 

X bb x 

(Typed on the iPhone. Apologises for the spelling errors!)

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