Wednesday 25 September 2013

Soap Kitchen

I absolutely love the homemade brands. Wont lie, this little gem makes me hungry a little bit. Honey & Oatmeal may be good for tummy and it feels slightly odd on the face. 

A thicker texture than I would normally associate with a mask, but it does feel nourishing and natural. My skin feels softer. It is hard to spread evenly because of the texture, but you can feel its exfoliating goodness working into your skin leaving behind a revitalised appearance. I picked this up at Fashion Monitors Style Lounge and im SO glad i did - whilst im dubious in some cases, after some research and a little bit of risk it hasn't irritated my sensitive skin. Whilst my skin was slightly red after exfoliating, it was nothing more than the usual, and im sure it is better for my skin than a whole heap of chemicals i can't pronounce.

For more information on Granny Sally's Soap Kitchen click HERE


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