Thursday 9 May 2013

Orico Day Moisturiser


Streetwise Antipollution Day Cream

I love using this when I go out later in the day, or getting ready for an evening out. It's a perfect night out moisturiser because it leaves skin feeling nourished, it a good base for make up, if you don't use a primer.

It's so light and creamy, doesn't feel heavy, but doesn't feel to oily which is great for combination skin. I wouldn't recommend this as a general  day cream unless your putting on sun cream as well as this doesn't contain an SPF, which is important in a day cream, which is why I use it later in the day and for evenings out.

I have tried a thousand and one moisturisers and find that most leave my skin either to dry half way through the day, too oily or just smell. Im a big fan of NOT perfuming face products, the skin on the face is a delicate thing, and perfumed products can cause reactions.

Orico ticks all the right boxes with this moisturiser, the fact that it's anti pollution drew me to it, I haven't seen many Antipollution moisturisers around and in a world dominated by buses and cars... and not to mention the dirt on the underground, our skin needs protecting from the man made elements.

So if your skin is feeling a bit beaten up by the elements, I'd recommend this!


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