Thursday, 30 May 2013

Microdelivery Triple Acid Peel...

Micro Delivery
Triple Acid Brightening Peel

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I picked up these samples of the pre-saturated chemical peel pads recently, after i was a bit bored of my skin looking, well, grey. 

I've never tried a peel before, as my skin can be sensitive and the last thing I want to do is irritate it just as summer is meant to kick off, but grey skin made me want to risk it. Pleasantly surprised, my skin must of been sick with looking a bit dull to, because i had no reaction, no redness, so i would recommend it to all skin types, if your skin is VERY sensitive it is always smart to to a patch test first, no one wants to look like a blow-fish, I've spent to much time with a face to rival Rudolph's nose to not do a patch test. 

I have used 3 so far and can honestly say, my skin isn't better or worse in condition, but it is definitely more even in terms of tone, so once a week when my face had been cleaned, i swiped this over my face, to reveal a brighter complexion in the morning, I felt doing this at night gave it all night to work it's magic and Im not disappointed. Whilst I feel its slightly on the expensive side for what it is, I also feel that good skin is worth investing in. I have learnt that expensive isn't always the best...

You can also swipe this over your chest and decollete area, and anywhere you feel needs a bit of perk up, I just used it on my face as, with recent weather, the rest of me doesn't get much exposure to daylight.

The first time i used it, I released my face wasn't actually as clean as i thought it was (So back to the double cleanse routine i went) and didn't feel much of an effect, the second time i made sure i was deep cleansed and ready to be beautified, and TA DAH 3 weeks later, my skin is feeling, cleaner, my make up sits better and as i write this in a very public coffee shop, I'm all hair up no make up and proud (well, sitting in the corner, but the intention is there) 

Philosophy are a great brand, with a simple message, no fluff, no over sparkly marketing campaign, which is what drew me to them in the first place, if a brand claims to be all singing and dancing and some air head promoting it, i usually find its all lies. 

So thank you  Philosophy, for a brighter, firmer face.


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