Monday, 13 May 2013

The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show

This has been a long weekend, one where The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show took over my schedule!

With many brands exhibiting and all fighting, essentially, for a wider consumer base. I can say that it was a small win for the organisers, being the first of its kind, it has the potential to grow, and for many brands that market their anti ageing potions to get involved.

Not only from a creams and topical solutions point of view, many brands where promoting the idea of "beauty from within" a challenging concept in a world of consumers with the "instant" bug. It is all to easy to turn to the likes to Harley Street to turn back the years. With collagen drinks and Vitamin shots on offer, many consumers where buying into the idea (finally) that a healthy lifestyle is one step closer to slowing down the ageing process. Burning the candle at both ends has consequences.

Ageing happens to the best of us, sometimes at a pace where happy with, and sometimes not. So the show showcased brands that where about prevention and brands that where all about trying to undo the damage, an excellent combination.

It was also a great insight into the mind of those working within the Beauty industry who gave talks throughout both days, giving the consumer a much sort for insight into how they can retain their youth, and gather little bits of expert advice at a fraction of the cost of a consultation.

So after a weekend of exhibiting and having the chance to have a little walk around, I'm looking forward to the next beauty event!

Until next Year


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