Thursday 9 May 2013

Beauty Haul

Beauty Haul Numero UNO

As I imagine, I will be hauling a lot of beauty products in the future, labeling this one number 1 seemed fitting. 

I am the equivillent to a magpie when it comes to beauty products, if its all shining and promising my heart automatically wants my hand to reach for myfavourite bit of plastic and purchase everything imagineable. My head does not. 

But as I lead mostly with my heart, my head has learnt to pick up the pieces later, this is my first haul of highly recommended products.

Dr Nick Lowe x2 - Eye Correct Serum & Neck & Decolette Firming Cream

Who doesnt want sparkly eyes and a chest to die for? ... Odd combinations, but run with me here... Skin looking a bit desperate, eyes in need of TLC = eye product. Summer, low tops, dresses, the ever looming deadline when i will have to be seen in swimwear... = decollete firming needed. 

I also love Dr Lowe's products in general.

Nivea Face Wipes. 

Ive used simple face wipes for years, but whilst out and about they had no brightening wipes, and Nivea is a brand my cousin swears by so... why not. If i dislike them, back to simple i go... 

Microdelivery Brightening Peel

As my skin is in the mist of some sort of rebellion against my social calender, making me look horrifically tired*, dry skin is plagueing my life. so Brightening up sounds like just the ticket!

*Despite the fact im sleeping a fine amount 

Sarah Chapman Chin & Jaw Lift

For when they eventually decide to attempt to hit the floor, im hoping that this little trick will delay it ever so slightly, Im also going to give one to my mother, who for all intense and purposes is my anti ageing guinea pig. (sorry mum)

Eucerin Dermo Purifier 

Im not a sufferer of spots (thankfully) but if one does pop up, I like to cover my entire face in treatment in case they're thinking of face domination. 

REN anti-ageing cream

Come here mother, I have something else for you to put on your face and tell me if I should use it or not...

LDN Skin Gradual tan. 

Ill start with explaining I have little patience for this type of product, I shower far to frequently for them to ever work, and I'm a sort of want it now get it now kinda gal so we will see how Iget on with this... WATCH THIS SPACE

So, Over the next few weeks, these will be put through their paces (lets see if i can stay up all night and hide the damage... )


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