Monday 13 May 2013

Chin & Jaw Lift

Sarah Chapman Skinesis

Chin & Jaw Lift

Packaging says: Skin feels firmer and tighter. Continual use of the Chin and Jaw Lift leaves the area sculpted and visibly lifted to give you the look of a lower face lift.

After only one application skin feels firmer, tighter, softer.Whilst I'm aware im a few years of noticing any signs of ageing, these products can only help in delaying any future signs. Left on for 20 minutes, I massaged the left over serum into my skin and waited for it to dry before applying the rest of my nightly regime. 

I am also a huge fan of a bit of pampering and Skinesis offers ultimate home pampering solutions. 

The Neck and Jaw area are also very neglected when it comes to Anti-Ageing and product wise, there aren't many targeted at this area and as people say, it's the neck that gives it away!... Used on a regular basis I can see this improving the overall firmness of the neck area and also improving confidence.

I also gave one to my mum, who whilst being quiet the bit older than me, found it refreshing and firming. She noted that whilst there wasn't a surgery like lift, she felt that with prolonged use the area would become increasingly firmer and would hide her true age. 

I would recommend using this product in the safety of your own home, as it has a unique "Star Trek" feel to it, but if it works it works. I can justify looking a little cooky for the sake of beauty. 

Confidence is the key!!


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