Thursday, 29 August 2013

Nails of the week #NOTW

Despite my pure LOVE of nails, I haven't actually done any nail posts. Probably because I'm not into the whole, nail art craze everyone seems to be into! I'm just here like, Shiny colours, simple colours, classic. 

I am also, if you can't tell, a bit of a falsie addict, my nails never grew, so a few years ago (7 or 8) I started getting falsies and fell in love with perfection. 

This weeks nail colour is French Affair by Essie. A untypical colour for me, i usually go for deeper colours, or neutral creams. But as it was pouring rain and i was feeling a little delicate, i thought a nice girly pink would pick me up. It did. I was right. 

Essie is my ultimate favorite nail polish brand. I have flirted with other brands, but ultimately, Essie has my heart, hard wearing (i do a lot of tapping) a lovely shine to them and so many colours it takes me a good while to choose the next one! I also find they smell less than other brands and whether this is intentional or not, its definitely a plus!

Maybe I'll start experimenting with my nails, I'm just aware of how "messy" it can appear. In my opinion if there is one thing that ruins a good outfit its chipped, smudged nails.

Nails done just ups the glam a little more don't you think?


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