Thursday, 22 August 2013

Benefit Brow Zings

Benefit Brow Zings

Absolute brow saviour.

This double whammy product has a crayon like side and a powder side. To create the shape and colour i like i mix both sides together which is different to my usual pencil and liquid to tame the wild ones routine i have stuck to for a while.This product is definitely a revolutionary in the brow world and i can totally understand why it sells.

With brows being such an accessory in today's beauty world its important to find a shape and product that help to create your perfect brow shape and enhance natural colouring. I'm not brave enough to dive into tinting and too be honest i barely pluck my eyebrows, i was blessed with a natural arched shape and their mousy blonde in colour so a little bit of make up trickery can make them thicker and more defined in colour. This is not saying that I'm not a slave to plucking the strays cos there are a few but i am doing it less and less.

Brow Zing comes in different colours which is a huge help, i have found it difficult on my hunt for the perfect brow product to find one that comes in different colours, which is odd as their isn't a standard brow colour! I'm stickler for perfection to and when it comes to committing to a product it needs to survive a few tests, so off to Fenwicks i popped to torture the poor girls at the counter.

So they did my bros and me and brows carried on with my day. I wanna know how long it lasts, does it smudge and most importantly will anyone comment on my brow-do. I'll admit my fringe hinders the complimenting but i still hope... So how did it do?

Well, i really went all out and took myself to the gym (yes the gym) I did get a few puzzled looks (jealousy obvs) So post gym? well it was running down my face and the powder hadn't flaked anywhere, so congrats Brow Zing, onto my wish list you go!

I used Brow Zings in light :)


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