Wednesday 14 August 2013

Dr Organic's Moroccan Argan Oil.. Hair Saviour!

I LOVE Dr Organc, the body oil and hand cream are two of my favorite products, so when this landed on my lap, how could i resist?

Firstly let me just rave about the lid, its a no spill lid! It slots over the pump and stops it leaking and being accidentally pushed and for an oil based product this is an absolute savior - no more discovering its leaked everywhere, before I've even put this on my hair its already impressed me.

Ingredient list: nurturing and great ingredients for taming fizz, and creating the perfect hair texture. 

Texture: Its an oil, so as you can guess a little goes a long way with this product i used two pumps for my whole hair and I've got quite long hair. Having recently died my hair, I'm aware hair can be volatile after being coloured and my hair frizzy (or "fair fluffy" A term used to describe my best friends hair by her boyfriend - comic in the making which is actually quite a cute term for "frizzy") at the bets of times! So after vowing to take care of my hair post dying it. This is definitely a nice little weekly treat for my hair - I can find oil can make hair a bit greasy and sometimes go a bit limp as it gets weighed down by product.

Hair is currently in heaven, smelling devine. Quite a strong smell at first but really melts into the hair nicely, smells natural and you can definitely smells each of the ingredients in their own right. I would wait a while before applying perfume as the two smells might clash. 


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